It's not often in June in western Pennsylvania that I can go for a two hour walk from 6 PM to 8 PM and close all my rings in 67° weather, while listening to Grumpy Old Bens. It was nice. It was a little humid. But that's because it rained all day yesterday and last night. And today. But it was beautiful tonight.

Wow. Tom MacDonald. "Snowflakes". Rap is not usually my thing... but these lyrics...

I was being mean to Verizon support people again this morning… Its something that I find necessary to do from time to time.

“OK. Well, please convey to management my heartfelt desire for them to know that Verizon sucks. And my warmest wishes that Verizon go out of business as soon as possible. I know that wont happen... but its the thought that counts.”

Value for value... No label, independent... Super hard to cancel. I'm not a rap fan, but daaaaamn.

Like Adam says, he better avoid light aircraft and hot tubs...

"I've seen things tou people wouldn't believe..."

Defector Says Chinese Military Unleashed COVID-19 – PJ Media

Today's Dilbert about lying

The final line from Dilbert and the boss's reaction is the best.

I weep for our civilization. But I strongly encourage the denizens of to empty their bank accounts by buying invisible things. Now excuse me while I go put my invisible diamonds up for sale. And my invisible bridge in Brooklyn.

When asked if I'm "celebrating pride month", I say no... I don't celebrate any of the seven deadly sins, including pride.

To those who served and lost their lives and to those who served with them... I sincerely thank you... and I remember.

I've taken a short vacation to Chincoteague and Assateague Island, Virginia. The eastern shore, the Delmarva peninsula as nobody who lives here calls it. Its moderately crowded... for Chincoteague. Its a mix of masked and unmasked personages. The miserable masked beings regard the rest of us with either looks of suspicion or weak, sad envy. I just give them a smile... that they cannot return.

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