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Biden's kids in cages. A facility that can hold 250 during the pandemic is currently filled to 1500% of capacity with 4000. The covid rate among the kids is 10%. There's no social distancing here. What do you expect? This policy was implemented originally by the Obama-Biden administration.

Biden (thinking): Gonna 25th Amendement me, are you? Here's a steaming pile of crap I created for you to end your political career on...

So who are all people with NASocial names but from Are they the real people? Or scammers trying to get us to follow them?

Reddit banned r/SuperStraight. With only ~22k subscribers, this move cements the Super Straight community's status as an oppressed minority.


"Tried in secret". He must promise to "not pastor anymore" in order to be released. Canada... trying to get admiring glances from North Korea and China.

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