Did you know: If you give an LED enough power, it will continue to glow after the power is removed? This is the result of a phenomena called "Catching on fire" and it can only be done once.

Are you ready to rock?

Are you ready to roll?

It is time once again for the No Agenda Rock 'N' Roll Preshow!

Tune in now!


And, of course, I'm getting ready for Earth Day next month. I have the celebratory tire fire all ready to go.

Earth Hour ended 15 minutes or so ago… for my time zone. I had all the lights in my house on for the entire time… on purpose.

They’re still on.

@dave Does podcasting2.0 podcast record live anywhere listenable? At what time? I want to test my first boost... and this would be the appropriate 'cast (at least I didn't call it "pod") to test it on.

I agree with Twitter locking out the babylonbee after they named Dr. Rachel Levine as Man of the year. They were right to do so because Levine is a man but not a very good one. 😏

@francosolerio Hi Franco. I need some support with Castamatic. I can't import OPML from Overcast. Castamatic always says: "Unrecognized File

Is there a particular support email or site you'd like me to use?

I stopped trusting technology when I realized we weren't heading for Star Trek, we were heading for Terry Gilliam's Brazil.

I'm not against the cops in general, but... Fair is fair lol

Sometimes, an image reveals someone's essence. This is the soul of JOeey Biden. Malevolent. Imperious. Contemptuous. Vicious. Condescending. A career politician who's achieved nothing in his career as a public parasite. THIS is who he is. He's not "decent." He's a cowardly, angry prick.

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