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As an economic indicator the amount of fireworks in the neighborhood this year was way down from previous years, which were again way down from pre 2020. Anyone else notice this?

Supply and demand is just so hard to understand.

Biden’s Fiery Gas Station Twitter Post Trolled by US Energy Group

Backup still running, and scheduled off site rsync kicked off too. TrueNAS is peaking up to 75% cpu. Also plex had no issue at all streaming while this backup was running. I have no idea why I see people wasting money on xeon for these boxes, besides the ECC requirement that is.

Do you think the general public are starting to wake up to how the fed and the US global empire are screwing them?

Jeff Bezos Responds After Biden Demands Gas Stations Lower Prices

Also formatted the external USB backup target to ext4. NTFS on Linux is a speed bump too.

Slowly getting rid of windows.

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Wrestled with Rsync for a couple hours this weekend. Finally have it saturating gigabit 101+MB/s.

Lessons learned; Running it over smb mount just destroys performance. Tweaking things with a faster cipher got good gains too.

Top right is iftop, also looking at top on local and remote servers to see rsync and ssh utilization. NAS is a little underpowered but the little $40 Celeron is holding a 1~1.4 utilization on a dual core.

Bunch of earthquakes in my area today, two were strong enough to really get your attention. I liven one CA for almost seven years and never felt one.

Don’t you get it, it’s ok if we say it is.

LIVE Q&A: Left Endorses Terrorism and Overthrow of Gov On Roe v Wade; Destroys Narratives On ‘Insurrection’

Just hit the donation segment of the last show, there’s a 66 and a 33 birthday. Do we have anyone out there with a 3 month old to complete the trifecta?

And now I’m realizing I have a appointment booked for this afternoon, 1 block away from the state capital.

They knew this would happen so why drop it on a Friday in the first place?

LIVE: Protests at Supreme Court After Roe v Wade Overturned

They aren’t the only ones, couple other huge names in the second half of the article are pulling out too.

Richest Man in Illinois Moves Business From Chicago to Miami Amid Crime Concerns

That’s probably one of Bidens puppet masters.

Elon Musk Reveals Who He Believes Is Actually Driving the Democratic Party

Then I turn around and there’s this at the door I just came through.

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