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Stealing this from Reddit because it’s a good point.

Hmm, Gemini Bitcoin exchange just released a credit card with “rewards of up to 3% in bitcoin”.

I’ll read the terms a little closer later this weekend, but what could possibly go wrong?

US Inflation Surges to 8.5 Percent, Topping Market Forecasts

“Will the Fed Stop Inflation?” Lol, yeah if we shut it down.

Both FL and TX making noise about this, wonder if they will actually do it.

I uninstalled Spotify and reinstalled it thinking it might be a bug, two things;
1. that didn't help at all
2. I was already signed in after reinstalling the app. >> I thought iphone deleted all metadata of apps when you delete it??? <<

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Spotify was already the worst podcast experience of all the podcast apps I've tried but this is a new low.

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Spotify just ruined podcast playback. If you task switch to another app it resets to the start when you switch back to spotify.

Go woke, go broke;

Moms for Liberty Vows Boycott: ‘Disney Has Severely Underestimated Florida Parents’
'Parents are not going to put up with this nonsense,' said Tiffany Justice.

I’m thinking Disney might double down, if they do that would be pretty entertaining.

Florida Lawmaker Says Disney ‘Stepped in Quicksand and Made a Drastic Unforced Error’

'The only way they can get to Détente on this is Bob Chapek is going to have to go.'

Anyone here work for Koch Industries in general or Georgia-Pacific in particular? I've got a recruiter burning up my inbox. I know I heard Koch mentioned on a show somewhere but I can't remember the context.

Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, the company’s chief of technology and chief of product development, are the two executives leaving the company after less than a year. Both were critical parts of the operation, according to eight sources who spoke with Reuters. “If Josh has left … all bets are off,” one of them said of Adams, calling him the “brains” behind the app’s technology.

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Guess Truth Social isn't doing well internally either;

Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, the company’s chiefs of technology and product development, have resigned their senior posts, according to Reuters’ reporting, which was drawn from several interviews of people with knowledge of Truth Social’s activities, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Why even start truth social if Trump isn’t going to post there? Get a handler to post some propaganda or something, geesh.

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