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Investigating different routers for a project at work. Picked up some random but supported by OpenWRT TPlink. Little difficulty with Tftpd, but got through it. Loaded the OpenVPN apps in GUI, converted my client config to inline and uploaded in GUI, just plain worked with no errors. I’m impressed so far.

(To everyone saying "this is just an enterprise policy": Look at the conversations in the bugs.

Somebody said, to the Chromium team, schools are using Google Forms for testing, and the kids can see the right answers in the forms, so to address that, we want to prevent students from reading source code.

And without an ounce of pushback, without so much as a nod in the direction that this might not be the right solution to this problem, the Chromium team said yes.)

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ublock says there's 18 things on the site it doesn't like but I figure that's low for news sites these days.

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More information suppression I wasn't expecting, I often email myself things from here to read later but this link got blocked by both mail and gmail for containing viruses. Virustotal says it is clean.

This is what they don't want you to read; India's Ivermectin Blackout - Part V: The Secret Revealed
by Justus R. Hope, MD

Now that we are questioning this stuff does the flu vaccine prevent transmission or infection?

It is just amazing what a little do it yourself can save in money. Fridge was HOT this morning, freezer was still cold. Talked to a guy that did appliance repair, said it was probably frozen and couldn't defrost. Took it apart and defrost heater does look a bit black, but couldn't find the connections to ohm it out. Throw the part numbers into ebay for the common things that break on this fridge defrost and it's $34. Yeah, I'll give that a shot.

Splashtop instructions are actually on our intranet site. I totally get the feeling nobody reads the docs I write.

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Not to mention the FTP we use can create download links to files, no account needed.

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We have a deployment link for Splashtop on an internal docs site. Just had two people in the service dept and a level 1 IT guy blow their minds on how to get that to a customer. One wanted to download it and drive to the site, another wanted to create them a account of our FTP.

I’m listening to this in the next office; dude just email them the frigging deployment link.

eighteen minutes of SOLID gold, and no, i dont mean motown soul/RnB vinyl from the 80s. i mean an articulate, clarion call for freedom, from prof. julie ponesse, the ethics professor dismissed for thinking for herself, and refusing the STAB. she referenced objective stats and examples, legal and philosophic arguments, and just downright kicked some globalist/tyranny ass. have EVERYONE of sound mind/body/spirit have an opportunity to view this crystal clear message.

“Now they are punishing those who want to practice medicine and they are continuing to reward and allow doctors to maintain their licenses to practice in hospitals if they just follow the mandated protocol,” he said.

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This really needs to be pushed

"Holding up a document she identified as a police report on the Mayo Clinic, which she said included felony charges of vulnerable adult abuse, Shultz stressed that prosecutors have considerable discretion to decide whether doctors should be charged."

Roughly 23% going by wiki numbers. I was hoping for higher.

2,500 NYC Firefighters Haven’t Received COVID-19 Vaccine: De Blasio

@Johncdvorak missed opportunity for a Booo donation in the newsletter. $80.00

Do I know anyone on here mid state / capital region South Carolina? I put in for a meetup on November 13th in Irmo. Late morning coffee at Loveland’s.

Wow, who did the in the morning end of show mix for 1394? Really good.

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