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I know I stopped listening to every show after Joe hid his show (not a podcast) behind the green WiFi icon.

Joe seemed a little confused when @adam discussed the value for value system but maybe he will come back some day.

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A Verge investigation shows how going exclusive stunted Rogan’s power

PSA; if you use spark email hold off on updating. It will wipe out all your accounts and settings.

I already used Thunderbird and Firefox under windows, can just pull the profiles out of windows and stick them in Linux. Literally pick up where you left off. I think the same might be true of chrome / vivaldi.

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I agree with @adam 's comments on the last show, I have no idea WTF windows is doing behind the scenes any more. I switched to Linux Mint / Ubuntu on some machines a while back and it's actually disturbing how the OS gets out of the way. Fan used to scream on these laptops all the time, almost never hear it under Linux.

And here we go;

NYC Orders 150,000 Teachers & School Staff To Either Get Vaccinated Or Find A New Job; NJ Orders Jabs For State Workers

I guess that means the jansen and moderna are now off the market? The EUA hinged on nothing being approved.

Major financial win for pfizer.

In other news I no longer have any faith in the FDA.

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Too much rain, if you guys are doing the meetup it’s got to be wet!

EFF is on board with shaming Apple too. Maybe this will go somewhere? Not a good look when your privacy focused marketing campaign gets shot to shit.

Wow, department of veteran affairs seems to be in full on crisis management mode.

Hope this link actually works.

Email right next to it; how are you securing your containers? OMG, if I could only use containers…

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Scan something at work and have the scanner email me a pdf. The email comes through with out IT persons personal email account. The hell?

Cut that vacation off and get back to work buddy.

What’s up with Strike app limits? $100 every 2 weeks seems a little low.

-Did the extra KYC step today, take a while to verify?

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