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18 hours of driving, don’t know what I would do without podcasts.

Why does a natural gas power plant need this much cooling tower? Salem Mass

I’m impressed, I’ve been all over Salem MA waterfront today and about nobody cares about masks. Every once in a while you see some servers with them but that’s even spotty.

Woke up cold way too early, guess this ductless split doesn’t do heat.

This works though.

Trip so far Virginia and Pennsylvania just a handful of people wearing masks. Looks like no big deal so far.

FBI Claws Back Millions of DarkSide’s Ransom Profits

The tables have been turned, the FBI & DOJ said after announcing the use of blockchain technology to track down the contents of DarkSide’s cryptocurrency wallet.

There are parts of reddit that are excellent resources.

Witness all the discussion under my question here;

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