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"Wyoming joins other states including Alabama, Minnesota, South Carolina, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Montana, Texas and South Dakota that have all either passed legislation or issued orders to prevent mandatory vaccinations or COVID passport schemes."

I need to read up on what SC passed, I live here and I had no idea.

Cyber Security Manager position just opened up TODAY (12-May-2021) at Colonial Pipeline's HQ in Atlanta, GA.

I wonder if they will actually be given the latitude and budget to fix anything though.

Newsom; man people really hate me all the sudden, maybe I can buy them off with their own money?

Secondly, if they have a surplus why are they raising rates?

"California Gov. Gavin Newsom, in the face of a recall effort against him, announced Monday that the state is projected to have a $75.7 billion surplus and wants to use it to provide stimulus checks to about two-thirds of its residents."

Progress regression, grocery shopping this morning at KJ (much less classy than Lowe’s) and every last person I saw had a mask. No comments or glares though.

Apple marked the system status for podcasts as solved. So everything is perfect now with apple podcasts right?

First genetically modified mosquitoes released in the United States

Biotech firm Oxitec launches controversial field test of its insects in Florida after years of push-back from residents and regulatory complications.

Any dude named ben out there dealing with Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation compliance (DFARS)?

Pretty thrilled, about half the people in Lowe’s foods had no mask. This was my liberal benchmark.

EUA Fact Sheet for Vaccine Recipients and Caregivers (Download)

Page 3: "What are the risks of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine?"

For Johnson & Johnson statements on the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine, please visit the Janssen US News Center.

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Fact Sheet Updates 4/23/2021

Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheets and Prescribing Information for the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine have been updated to reflect new data obtained from post authorization experience and an ongoing clinical trial.

Page 3: Warnings
Page 10: 5.2 Thrombosis with Thrombocytopenia
Page 11: 6 Overall Safety Summary
Page 15: 6.1 Clinical Trials Experience
Page 15: 6.2 Post Authorization Experience

Does anyone remember the social network from years ago? The community there felt a lot better than Twitter, even back then. NA social tops them all.

This is what a nice automation stack looks like. Just tell it what you want and it tells you when it’s ready.

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