Watched Handmaids Tale season 4 refresher and some of that I didn’t remember so now having to review season 3.

A thing that struck me, in light of recent events they really made the wrong call on Canada being the sanctuary of freedom.

@KingCombaticus not hard to believe, the borders are still open. Just made the trip again yesterday, was interesting seeing Boston and Maine. People are just getting out of lockdown, the south handled this so much better.

@KingCombaticus welcome to South Carolina! Bailed out of New England myself years ago.

@deathpanels that either. Sounds like bloat and feature creep.

18 hours of driving, don’t know what I would do without podcasts.

@ReadyKilowatt when I look at that chart all I’m seeing is the dip. The spike is all the people that were going to quit anyway but enjoyed the free ride while it lasted. Nothing to see here.

@radix023 if buy one. Have it two sided so as the first person is leaving you can flip it over on their way out.

@Evenkeeld @deathpanels easiest path is going to be drop yourself an iCloud link to them or just email them to yourself. I don’t think I’ve tried to mount iPhone on Linux yet but it does need to be screen on and unlocked to start with.

@mhjohnson @deathpanels had those terms when I was developing test procedures in the military. Source control isn’t really anything specific, it’s just a method of procedures to ensure integrity of something so someone being completely unfamiliar with that is sort of a red flag.

@yukiame I was more impressed with the pastry, but sure.

@leyonhjelm @cgarison I guess the question is when did they all get the shot?

Seems really irresponsible for them to do all pilots around the same time.

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