Almost 2 years living with this covid crap... Still we are never told to get healthy and take responsibility for our own health!!!!

It takes a half hour to fill our a VAERS incident, do not doubt that.

Whistleblower Alleges Coverup of Adverse Reactions to COVID-19 Vaccines: Project Veritas
Says colleague's death after ‘coerced’ vaccination made her speak up

@furgar ah, that’s what I was going to do is run it through the inflation calf. Still, seems like a deal.

@sizzletron I have only once had actual amazing mac and cheese. Homemade and had like five cheeses in it.

@hogihung @Salaru @Kelly_NAproducR Oh, interesting. It works now. I clicked on it about three times before and it didn't work.

@PrincessCityPearl it really is impressive the hold they have over so many, isn’t it? I never would have guessed in 2019.

@DameAshley @Jack5150 @WidowGarrett I think when I have the time I’d like to do a road trip around the states and meet everyone.

@PrincessCityPearl I never listen live. The playback experience later is much better, I can pause when I want etc.

@kandwo weird, I have it on two devices. Maybe tablet gets around it somehow.

@kandwo disagree but I don’t use the desktop portion. It’s still a hell of a service. Please donate.

@Jack5150 @DameAshley @WidowGarrett NA meetups are the fix for this. I just wish I wasn’t so far from the nearest one.

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