@radix023 damn, that puts it right on top of me Saturday.

@thisisthebreath I’ve sold stuff on forums and had just stellar interactions. Thought I’d check out eBay again, I used it a lot back in the day to get rid of stuff.

Boy has it changed.

And these MFs don’t allow me to copy paste my bank numbers?? Sure let’s just hope I don’t make a type instead of using the machine perfect copy paste.

And no my “don’t fuck with paste” browser add-on didn’t fix it…

@thisisthebreath obviously I’m running a long con here with this 23 year old eBay account with 500+ good reviews.

@mrman mechanics everywhere are cringing. So much missed maintenance, so much damage just snapping that back on.

Next fun part is eBay won’t accept my ten year old google voice number (on my business cards) for “verification” because that’s nasty VoIP. So I gave them my prepaid sim I might not have next month.

@TomboyTranny the current sell sheet mentioned payments straight to bank account, but I couldn’t progress because I wasn’t “verified”.

@TomboyTranny fortunately I’ve got a checking account with another bank especially for this sort of thing.

Ok he’s complaining my phone number with country code is 11 digits...

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@TomboyTranny I’m wondering how that will work, I haven’t set any of that up. I’ve been paying with paypal.

My eBay account is 23 years old but I haven’t sold anything with it in years. This seller verification thing is annoying.

Mom just asked what vegan leather is.

I told her it’s a virtue signal.

@Kennyben @PhoneBoy inflammation control is huge in how I feel day to day.

@thisisthebreath saw it got remastered and I haven’t seen it in many years. Something to look forward to this weekend.

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