Why does a natural gas power plant need this much cooling tower? Salem Mass

Woke up cold way too early, guess this ductless split doesn’t do heat.

This works though.

Seems itmslaves.com has some problems. Also see an older version of mastodon listed there than here.

Feeling pretty good about my diet and exercise lately. Got this old thing out just to see where I am. Lol, not even remotely close! Good news though, I think I might get the bottom button but the shoulders and chest no way.

@john I’m not seeing much on the timeline over there and I’m seeing errors trying to see your followers/followed. My end or?

This is what a nice automation stack looks like. Just tell it what you want and it tells you when it’s ready.

Day couldn’t get any more perfect. Touched 80F, nice quiet day off so I took the drop top out to the park. So of course IT hits me up saying they are doing a firewall replacement just in case I get some alerts. Good luck bro.

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