If we didn’t have the money for that already, then?

I haven't looked at this tab on this computer in a while.

Stealing this from Reddit because it’s a good point.

Spotify just ruined podcast playback. If you task switch to another app it resets to the start when you switch back to spotify.

And the whole reason to get in this thing doesn’t exist yet, no mean tweets found.

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Search doesn’t actually work either. Hitting enter or switching tabs etc with a search filled in doesn’t change results shown.

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Not entirely stable. Lots in this hashtag, yet none found. Second attempt losing throbber forever.

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License section has a lot more listed than I’ve seen mentioned before, but that’s probably just for the app and not the back end.

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One for the wine list; wine from a can with “fiz”

Just windows update. I wonder if anyone has done a study to see how much global warming windows contributes?

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