Stay safe out there, it’s that time of year again.

Remember, investing costs money. I don't fault Amerapirse for getting me into investing but when I started looking into expense ratios they had me in I felt physically Ill.

The jokes about this stuff are real. Approaches me because he likes my skill set (27 year career here) but wants junior out of college pay levels.

Give us your data, get a better score. Clear messaging.

I doubt it, and I wonder how many this is going to drive away?

Wrestled with Rsync for a couple hours this weekend. Finally have it saturating gigabit 101+MB/s.

Lessons learned; Running it over smb mount just destroys performance. Tweaking things with a faster cipher got good gains too.

Top right is iftop, also looking at top on local and remote servers to see rsync and ssh utilization. NAS is a little underpowered but the little $40 Celeron is holding a 1~1.4 utilization on a dual core.

Then I turn around and there’s this at the door I just came through.

Nature is invading. Birds nest back despite stacking some spare lumber there to make it more difficult.

@Hasheagle your avatar is sending mixed messages, this is what popped up on my watch notification.

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