The jokes about this stuff are real. Approaches me because he likes my skill set (27 year career here) but wants junior out of college pay levels.

@ralphw all companies have a budget. This is flat out unrealistic.

@maxburn some companies' budgets are smaller than others. Some have a better work environment than others.

If you don't like the pay, don't take the job, or tell them how much you would need. If they can't find what they want, they will have to change something. The free-market is great.

I would like to hire a junior or senior level server and network admin, but I doubt I could pay more than $50-60k for a year or two and most at that level are going to have a family and want $80-100k

@ralphw i told him what i want and that was the answer, quick shut down so props for that.

@ralphw I feel like I’m doing that now; more than decent company to work with that has a nice list of perks, just pay is a little lower than I think I can get. Not unhappy here, so I can afford to be choosy.

@maxburn sounds like a good position to be in. Just don't lose the good in search of the perfect.

@maxburn the insulting part is approaching a 27 year career and saying you are looking for someone with 2 years experience.
Maybe he thought you might know someone who would fit the bill.

@ralphw further up in the conversation he asked me what my 1099 rate was. I kinda saw where it was going from there.

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