I’m flirting with a job opening. Through initial selection and about to go through first round interviews. Big problem; it’s a federal employer. Would you take a 50% raise to deal with that?

@maxburn maybe? I think I would go through the first round of interviews and see if that makes the situation any clearer.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with working for the federal government, but it may depend on your position, your bosses, and the general work culture of your department.

I would proceed, but proceed with caution.

@KellyS Yeah, a question about forced vax will probably end the whole thing I’m thinking.

@maxburn why not go through the process & see if it fits. Only concern I'd have is if the mandates are brought back.

@Autumn that’s exactly what’s on my mind. I’m planning on continuing with the process but interestingly enough comments on glassdoor and elsewhere seem pretty positive.

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