Great episode, and excellent Tom Woods rant topped by a very un Woods like “get bent” at 35:32~38:44.

I have to admit the recent Libertarian party events seem like a ray of sunshine in the political two party sewer we have now.

@maxburn @obihahn - going to kill 2 birds with one stone;
Listen to Tom Woods again, after a break.
Check out Podverse again, after a break.

I like Woods - but some of his rabbit holes can be frustrating

@sirflynot @obihahn That's why podcasts are great, I have zero hesitation in skipping an episode or segment I'm not interested in.

@maxburn Dave Smith was pumped too - don't see the uniparty allowing them to break thru tho...

@Autumn Presidential = no. It's all the other state and local government seats they target that will make the difference.

@maxburn excellent - around here the Republicans are ALL pro war and the Dems are useless on every issue

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