Investigating different routers for a project at work. Picked up some random but supported by OpenWRT TPlink. Little difficulty with Tftpd, but got through it. Loaded the OpenVPN apps in GUI, converted my client config to inline and uploaded in GUI, just plain worked with no errors. I’m impressed so far.


The GUI support for OpenVPN is something our current Ubiquiti doesn’t do.

On a major down side there is no nice remote management solution like UISP. Need to roll my own.


Sophos RED is nice for remote office VPN. Cradlepoint has solid support for OpenVPN.

@DaemonFools actually tried Cradlepoint but their LAN routing would not do what I needed it to do. Similar problem with peplink. We use both for cellular sites and it would have been nice to not have to use another router behind them.


What couldn't the Cradlepoint do? I tested them a couple of years ago but I couldn't get buy in.

@DaemonFools something about the LAN routing and client-to-client didn’t work. I need devices on LAN to reach other sites LAN devices.

On top of that the Cradlepoint UI is a train wreck, and netcloud is worse.

@DaemonFools I’ll also mention the only reason I’m searching around is supply chain. My tooling is set up around Ubiquiti Edgerouter but we suddenly can’t get any under $200. So part of the attraction is the tooling surrounding OpenWRT isn’t dependent on one hardware product.


Are you lurking any of the second hand sites/boards? VARs or MSPs might also have inventory

@DaemonFools I asked on reddit but I'm not buying eighty routers one private deal at a time. Open to any suggestions.

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