This is the stuff that makes me fear that the COVID vaccines will get a FDA approval.

The FDA rubber stamp carries a lot of weight with compelling and excluding deniers from stuff. IMO with the VAERS data we shouldn't even have it on the market now, let alone compel it. I was previously thinking no way would this get approval but further this goes, the less sure I get.

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Religions exemption? Cloned baby parts in em. 🤷‍♂️

@maxburn does FDA approval come with the manufacturers accepting liability?

@maxburn as you may recall, these factors are in play…

Episode 1330:

Emergency Use Authorization can only be invoked by FDA if there is no approved treatment.

July 1 the vaccine manufacturers will have to get an FDA approval or go into a phase 4 trial. That’s also when US subsidies end.

@maxburn I did some internet research that contradicts what we thought. Who knows?

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