Anyone listen to ATP With Marco Arment, Siracusa etc? Any mention of podcasting 2.0?

Marco has popped up a couple times with decent donations in the board meetings and I was wondering if there’s any support for 2.0 stuff coming soon to Overcast.

@maxburn I listen and am current. No mention directly. I also listen to Marco on Under the Radar (developer podcast he’s on). I’m 1 show behind on that. Best I can say is that I hope 2.0 is part of the “under the hood” work he’s referred to this year. He’s also mentioned how he’s behind from the mental drain Covid has had on him and so many others. So, he’s glad there are not massive reworks requirement from any of the Apple updates at this year’s WWDC.

@Jasper89 well he’s aware of and supporting it so that’s really cool.

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