Per 1358 I stopped the show and clicked over to the emergency Rogan show*.

Question; where are people in the US able to get ivermectin?

Couple in my family have mentioned using oversea pharmacies for insulin etc and I’ve asked them but I want to hear from a larger audience.

Can't send the links...they have been marked as bad this country...
But you can search and get there...

They have always got better pricing than here....but have to wait for delivery..
They deal with world mfgs in Turkey, Great Britain, Germany, India, Singapore, ETC..


Not great that two out of three I can’t reach. I may need to fiddle with AdGuard and pfBlockerng to get there. One has a dash in it though

@maxburn veterinarian or any equine/canine supplier carries it. or Mexico or any southern US border town you will find someone that will cross and get it for you for $$$

@Hasheagle mainly looking for an online dealer that sells stuff intended for human consumption sold elsewhere in the world and is willing to ship to US.

Also highly interested in the weekly/monthly variants mentioned but I need to do some research on what those are.

@Joe I’ve heard of them but I’m thinking more along the lines as a prophylaxis (probably not though) or more importantly as a early treatment option to have on hand. Guessing they say no to both of those cases.

What I really don’t want is a last minute doc zoom call, and a immediate ride to a pharmacist (arguably irresponsible) that may not even fill it depending on what channel they watch.

@maxburn I would think you could get an appointment with them and let them know you want a prescription to use as a preventative. I'm considering doing the same thing.

@Joe likelihood of them granting that or is it a $90 donation?

@maxburn Looks like you pay the $90 to get the appointment. Sounds reasonable enough.

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