Defund? OK, do it yourself;

LA Sheriff Promises to Expand Concealed Weapons Permits Amid Spike in Violent Crime

"he doesn’t intend make the area a “shall issue” region."

“We’ve increased our capacity to process CCW permits,” the sheriff said. “We made the ‘good cause’ standard achievable, and we’re recognizing that the threat to the residents is increasing, so we’re responding accordingly.”

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@maxburn that would seem to be the hiccup that the losers wanting to defund the police seem to forget. If there’s no rule of law then there’s nothing to keep good citizens from killing these thugs in self defense. Cops may be restrained by “use of force” restrictions, but get rid of the officers and those restrictions go away too. (And the cops don’t magically disappear, they are simply now private citizens highly trained in using guns and no longer required to justify use of force.)

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