Feeling pretty good about my diet and exercise lately. Got this old thing out just to see where I am. Lol, not even remotely close! Good news though, I think I might get the bottom button but the shoulders and chest no way.

@maxburn being a mature man is not something to apologize for. If this is significant to you, get a new set of dress with your current proportions and wear it with pride. Surviving to have the proportions of middle age is an accomplishment, not a failure.

@radix023 that’s not something I’d do, I’m not active or reserve. I was thinking I was in the best health of my life back then but now it seems I’m better now in my 40’s. Kinda thrilled.

@maxburn still know how to fire a rifle? Congrats on the medal. (is it called a medal or something else?)

@hogihung badge. I can still do pretty good with all the paper that doesn’t shoot back.

@maxburn I do ok against paper also :)

Need more practice though.

I'd like to attend one of the classes where they teach advance gun fighting skills - in motion, behind obstacles, clearing rooms, etc.

@hogihung it might be a little fun but jujitsu would probably be ten times more useful.

@maxburn thought about that. But I'm not a young chicken anymore


First I need to drop some stress and covid weight.

@hogihung secret for me was finding keto. Like what is on the good list, don’t get hungry anymore. Endless energy. Bunch of other benefits too.

@maxburn rgr - I need to kick myself in the ass and get going. I have this tab open everyday:

but keep procrastinating. Share other sources for Keto if you wish.

@hogihung the Reddit sub posts lots of good info too. For me it was just finding a couple easy dishes to make, I’m not much of a cook. Research the flu mitigation’s, if anything that’s going to turn you off of it. Once fat adapted it’s really cool what happens.

@maxburn // journey of a thousand miles, my friend, congratulations on the first steps 👍

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