Giving Toot! a try and so far this app is miles above the others I looked at. Very polished UI experience.

@maxburn I also use Toot on iOS. Not tried any others but this works well.

@ct262 previously did mast and it’s OK but feels clunky. This was nice right away. Only gripe is paying extra to get the non lgbt icon.

@maxburn ha ha, I just went into my settings as I did not even know they had other icons. "Trans Friend", "Proud "Friend", but also "Venture Capital Toot" and "Tactical Toot" as part of the "Toot! for Men" package! 🤪

@ct262 yeah, if you are going to open the door to that need to add more like Apollo for Reddit. If it’s paid for men give me some cool dark icons.

@maxburn The primary issue I have with Toot! is that they have stated that they will explicitly block connecting to instances that they personally disagree with (, I fundamentally disagree with this policy and feel that they are thought-policing. The app is indeed solid, but be warned that NAS could eventually be in their crosshairs, or any of the "Nazi quadroon" instances.

@Eglo there is currently an off switch for that, but yeah that’s not a great look.

I am having trouble with adding but I’m not sure if Misskey is compatible. Don’t have an account there.

@maxburn I didn't know they added a toggle for that. Can you actually join the server or just see posts from those instances? When I first started looking into Mastodon years ago that for sure did not exist. Not sure about Misskey either. It uses ActivityPub but Toot! may not support whatever additional protocols it's using for auth/display.

@maxburn Yeah I think that toggle only unblocks messages from the blacklisted servers when you're connected to an instance that is federated with them. Doesn't let you actually manage your own "white-supremacist" account. 🤣

@Eglo or see their timeline apparently. Hmm wonder if he has policy somewhere on exactly how far his censorship goes?

@Eglo new theory, this isn’t censorship, it’s a technical incompatibility of the app. I can’t add to toot, can you?

Gitmo and those two other servers aren’t mastodon software. They are a variety of forks.

@maxburn The possibility exists, however I don't understand two things:

1. Why other implementations of ActivityPub wouldn't work.

2. Why the list is called "Awful servers" and not "Incompatible servers"

@Eglo yeah, no idea. I tooted him and asked on git about it.

@Eglo mast and tootle don’t work with either. 0 for 3. Looking more of a technical thing, tootle can pull the icon but never gets past loading.

@maxburn I think it's likely both issues combined. They are both censoring instances with which they disagree and also do not support emerging projects using ActivityPub.

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