Here come the yellow stars;

Rand Paul Sends Criminal Referral For Anthony Fauci To Department Of Justice

But he doesn’t know what he’s talking about! /s

Love this one. Almost as good as the Alex Jones the media is the virus T.

Oh I'm sure there's no insider trading going on here, right?

Nancy Pelosi’s stock options made incredible returns

Seems like Strike is just money transfer and not a wallet, Bluewallet can’t purchase. Is there an all in one, or is that dumb?

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Ok, starting to look at some of these streaming podcast apps like podfriend. I’ve no involvement in bitcoin yet. Please correct me but the process works like this; Strike (USD-BTC) -> Bluewallet (general holder) -> podfriend (streaming payments.

Are these No Agenda friendly selections? Heard Adam mention Bluewallet so I assume that’s an accepted vendor in the community. As I understand it cashapp is under Dorsey so I wanted to avoid it.

This is the stuff that makes me fear that the COVID vaccines will get a FDA approval.

The FDA rubber stamp carries a lot of weight with compelling and excluding deniers from stuff. IMO with the VAERS data we shouldn't even have it on the market now, let alone compel it. I was previously thinking no way would this get approval but further this goes, the less sure I get.

Big comment on how anti inflammation appears to be important for COVID.

The more I read up on keto and other things the more important inflation seems to be.

Windows 11 Will Run Android Apps From Amazon Appstore

Also; Developers HATE Amazon Appstore. Apps either aren't there or routinely aren't updated there. Apparantly there are some policies there that make Amazon app store a hostile environment last I looked into why.

Guessing AMZN cut MSFT a sweet deal in this decision.

Damn, Dune delayed again. BUT it's not long and it's hitting HBO max October 22nd. Don't think it was planned for a internet release before.

Anyone listen to ATP With Marco Arment, Siracusa etc? Any mention of podcasting 2.0?

Marco has popped up a couple times with decent donations in the board meetings and I was wondering if there’s any support for 2.0 stuff coming soon to Overcast.

Give me an idea of what type of plant I can put in the hole on the right? Want some color. Needs to be low maintenance. Shouldn’t get too big. South Carolina and this gets morning light.

Not great that two out of three I can’t reach. I may need to fiddle with AdGuard and pfBlockerng to get there. One has a dash in it though

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