Started reading “A Psalm for the Wild-Built” last night. Pretty highly rated on goodreads and heard it mentioned on a podcast. Main character is they/them and I can’t stress enough how confusing that is in book form as other characters wander in and out of the narrative. Wait I thought that other person left, hold on there’s someone else there? DNF.

Gee, I don’t know, maybe they need to back off and stop their expansion beyond previously agreed limits? They’ve, in a large part, created this situation.

UN Secretary-General Warns World Is ‘One Misunderstanding, Miscalculation Away From Nuclear Annihilation’

Loved Nichelle Nichols, another great actor lost.

Longtime Actress Best Known for ‘Star Trek’ Role Dies at 89: Family

Spending some time applying to jobs today. How are you dealing with inflation?

Nothing odd about this right??

“We would like the opportunity to work with your trust team on a regular basis to discuss what we are seeing. I understand that you did this with Census last year as well. Are you all interested in scheduling something to kick it off and discuss next steps?” she added.

CDC Met With Big Tech Officials in Bid to Tackle COVID-19 Misinformation, Emails Show

I’m surprised they backpedaled, might be more readers out there than I realized.

Twitter Stops Censoring Epoch Times Content After Outcry

“It’s called the American dream; because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

Give us your data, get a better score. Clear messaging.

In refining 13ACB7:1F4CC (Le Mars) in 00h 05m 46s 313ms I have brought glory to the company.
Praise Kier.

Yikes, I thought I was being bad grabbing an eclair waiting on the store to open. Shout out to the guy grabbing a 40 of OE at 0730 on a Sunday morning and then driving over the sidewalk on his liquor cycle pulling out of the store.

Anyone I know here interested in BSides Augusta? I have an extra ticket you can have.

I’m sure this particular mall shooting will not be reported. Watch them prosecute the hero too…

What We Know About the 22-Year-Old Who Stopped a Mass Shooting in Indiana

I remember a thing called presentation mode. It should be pretty dam easy to detect you are using zoom or GTM etc and don’t do shit like this during important work.

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Even better, lost my main monitor in the middle of a meeting with a the CEO and senior management staff. Fortunately I could finish on the little side monitor. Come to find out my video driver was removed. In the middle of a meeting. Are you fucking kidding me?

Tyne executive branch really needs to reign in the judicial branch…

Biden Considers Declaring a National Health Emergency in Response to Abortion Ruling

Did a Security+ practice exam, all these acronyms are going to bury me.

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