Annual reminder, if you are doing anything Usenet go renew your indexers, providers, and blocks with Black Friday deals.

Looks like I’m going with Nolecheck Meats to round out my white elephant gift exchange. Sounds delicious.

This world needs more heroes... 🦸‍♂️

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Anyone want a iPhone case? Apparently it will fit 6 Plus / 6S Plus, 7 Plus and 8 Plus but it was purchased for 6s+. Cost of shipping. It’s a genuine apple leather case for a phone we no longer have.

Is there a subscription meal service that would be appropriate for a Christmas gift? (No long term stored credit card) $75 budget or less.

Put a limit order in for $57500 valuation this morning at 0540, sorry everybody.

“Red Media” A little take away from Taibbi, I like that one and I’ll try to use it in the future.

Need ideas for gift exchange this year, hit me up. $75 budget.

Last year I did an aeropress, couple bags of black rifle coffee and a luxe bidet. It was a hit and got stolen twice!

Appears Nick Sandmann did reach a couple defamation settlements and might get more. Could pave the way for Rittenhouse and really get some cash out of M5M for their attacks.

Two tip jars this morning, too early for Christmas music? Both the yes and no jars were about equal to my shock.

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