And these MFs don’t allow me to copy paste my bank numbers?? Sure let’s just hope I don’t make a type instead of using the machine perfect copy paste.

And no my “don’t fuck with paste” browser add-on didn’t fix it…

Next fun part is eBay won’t accept my ten year old google voice number (on my business cards) for “verification” because that’s nasty VoIP. So I gave them my prepaid sim I might not have next month.

Ok he’s complaining my phone number with country code is 11 digits...

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My eBay account is 23 years old but I haven’t sold anything with it in years. This seller verification thing is annoying.

Mom just asked what vegan leather is.

I told her it’s a virtue signal.

Stay safe out there, it’s that time of year again.

Damnit, just realized all these job applications that ask about "protected veteran" status I'm a YES for that because of my National Defense ribbon. Oops...

If you had to write a newsletter for your HOA today what would the subject be?

Remember, investing costs money. I don't fault Amerapirse for getting me into investing but when I started looking into expense ratios they had me in I felt physically Ill.

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