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Don't worry people.
The extreme gun control in Chicago will surely keep all of the rioters, looters, vandals, thugs, gang-bangers, & cops.

Problem SOLVED.

Both sides need to deescalate. It's hard to do so when bricks are being thrown, but this problem started long before that. Stop militarizing our police and people will [hopefully] stop acting like they're being occupied. Police are not the problem. Politicians are to blame.

Maybe if Jay Fucking Inslee (as @SirBemrose refers to him) would stop bloviating in public, he'd have time to return calls to the boots on the ground who are trying to enforce his unconstitutional orders.

Or, you know, the mayor of Gig Harbor could actually grow a backbone.

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Been wasting my entire day reading about this. Fascinating.

@adam is there a privacy pro for Android? I see a privacy advisor pro, but it doesn't seem to match what your app does.

@adam FACE Services Puts a Name with a Face — FBI

This victim will definitely get the needed resources from all of the partners involved in the investigation.

Well, that makes it ok then

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