Watch "Body Language: Mainstream economists beginning to FREAK OUT" on YouTube

I'm an admin for another instance, is in the list of top active servers! And it is beating to boot!

King Charles III is an interesting choice. King Charles I was beheaded, King Charles II his son was restored when the monarchy was restored.

Watch "How could a nurse kill children? T4 Euthanasia Program" on YouTube

@adam @Johncdvorak I never really liked the Beatles (Jihads or Singers or Bugs) but Simon and Garfunkel are great.

Watch "How the HR Monster Destroyed the Workplace: The Woke Mission Creep of Human Resources Departments" on YouTube

@adam makes an appearance on Jack Spirko's Survival Podcast.

Worth a listen!

The Survival Podcast: Adam Curry on the Future of Podcasting – Episode – 3037

If you can't get in on merit, then there's always bribery!

FOX 6 Milwaukee: Evers: $150 to Wisconsin residents part of election year plan.

"Oh no, now I can't listen to Neil Young on Spotify" Said no one under eighty.

BuzzFeed News: Spotify Is Pulling Neil Young’s Music After He Demanded They Address Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation.

Never forget, these people honestly think they're better than you. That the rules they espouse shouldn't apply to them.

@adam is always giving good interior decorating advice, even on vacation! With a few sea turtles and some poly vinyl adhesive, your walls can become an interesting "converSAAtion" piece!

Went looking for this disgusting bit of insanity, after hearing it for the first time on . @adam said he would have gotten off the plane, I totally agree.

Spirit Airlines seems less than pleased with their employee. Or perhaps former employee.

@adam can you toot out the Horowitz covid-19 case graph showing the peak at January 6th? I'm trying to prove a point with a couple of friends of mine.

@adam you were right. This is bigger than just a prank. This is a movement.

warned us about the minks. The winged rat from Oregon gets a reprieve, but is arrested under the Counterfeit Documents Act of 1816.

Fake US leg band gets pigeon a reprieve in Australia

Well, ....

You've spent the last decade or so pouring benzine on this county in an effort to sell ads.

You're just as complicit in this fire, no matter who struck the match.

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