As professionals in media deconstruction and authorities in on air talent, @adam & @Johncdvorak I’d think you’d concur.

I don't even think you can play this on the show without a Beep for all the F's @adam @Johncdvorak But it's worth it.

I think this is a tricky one @Johncdvorak because some companies allow people to wear red or maybe have flair on their aprons or uniforms that may be for causes or beliefs. However, it is a company that may not allow any political stuff. At the endof the day, free speech is usually reseaved for one's own non-work time.

hmmm. Who can afford a uhaul and gas these days? @Johncdvorak @adam And out of all the parades in all the towns in all the states, this is where they want to make an impact with the silk screened shirts and Khacki pants and masks? You'd think "freedom" minded dudes wouldn't be wearing pants and masks and dark clothes on a hot day in the back of a uhaul. Did they get hazzaard pay for that?

@adam @Johncdvorak This Black Mother's Testimony, is a tad longer than most clips, and maybe it could be edited for time, but it's very powerful and really show worthy. Maybe her in summary portion might work, and link to the full video for producers to check out later.

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