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Intimidated by the challenge of joining IRC? Daunted by the effort of micro-blogging? Looking for more immediate feedback & gratification? Now there is an option just for you. No Agenda now exists on Discord 😊 Join if you'd like, and strike up a convo combining text, video, voice, and even a little live streaming should you so choose. My only ask is that the forum remain civil and respectful.

Please, enjoy.

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Dame of the Gypsy Nation here to share some culture with you! Today is International Romany Day. This song is "Tu Balval" ("Hey There, You Wind!"), description in the text below the video.

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@adam Hopefully, it is alright to submit sound bites to you through NA social. Apologies if I am breaking protocol.


Hello, and happy show day! For those interested, there is a NoAgenda Discord set up for anyone who would like to join. Come hang out, start a conversation, and even live stream if you'd like. All are welcome.

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Don't play all innocent! And don't be naïve! People have been cheating on their vow of coronavirus isolationism the entire time.

There was an entire economy much like the days of prohibition and speakeasys except it was also dance parties, sex parties, hairdressing, sex work, and, well, speakeasys.

Apparently, only NPR nerds were actually social distancing and the rest were virtual signaling, which is virtue signal lying (did I make you a new thing?).

Don't be naïve.


Hi Don. This latest piece turned out fantastically! I just picked up your contribution yesterday. I will hang it tomorrow. Excellent work, once again.

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My kids are doing a civics paper. Could you fill out these two quick polls?

Poll #1 Should smoking cigarettes be legal?:

Poll #2 Should the legal driving age be raised to 18?:

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Are you able to do a plaque-style etching? I am looking for a similar piece which can be wall mounted with stainless spacers, so it appears to be floating. Minus the lighting element, of course.

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Good morning, and happy show day 😊

If anyone is looking for an easy way to communicate in real time, there is an NA Discord set up at the link below. Feel free to hang out, start a conversation, or even fire up a live stream if you'd like. DM for details or if you have questions. I hope to see you all there.


Interesting news out of Indiana this month. It looks like they are pretty close to legislating away licensing for hand-gun ownership.

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Meetup March 6-next Saturday:
Flight 013 of the No Agenda @ Brewery-X Anaheim Ca 3:33 pm
"How can a right handed person live in a left handed world?"

Greetings to everyone in South Jefferson, where we are open as long as you wear your mask. So far a Covid shot is not required for admittance. So come and hang out for easy laid back talk, The crew will be here.

There once was a place named Cali
That fell into a state of...

See you soon!

Sorry if this is old news. I don't understand enough about green cards / visas to make a proper analysis. Might this be a backdoor for China?

Are there any marketing consultants in the network looking for part time work, Mar - Sep? I am currently looking to go direct-to-consumer, can be talked into B2B with the right plan.

DM for details if you are interested.

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Moe Factz with Adam Curry for February 23d 2021, Episode number 59 -- Adam and Moe discuss the impact and intent of critical race theory

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