Some dude at work told me the first thanksgiving was actually in st Augustine fl.

So I told him Amerigo Vespucci changed his name to that AFTER he came back from β€œfinding America.”

Kinder candy advertised in this parade. Yeah. The Nazis definitely lost wwii. For sure. Yup. No doubt about it.

Yah know. In professional wrestling. A heel (bad guy) gets β€œpaid” in boos. And a babyface (good guy) gets paid in cheers.

It’s almost as if people think biden thinks of himself as a babyface. When in reality. You’re all paying him by booing at him.

For being anti pedophile we sure are getting in a good long suck of this seventeen year olds dick aren’t we?

Yo everyone rooting for the republican team right now:

What’re you gonna do when we get another Bush or the Obama (a CIA Asset) from the Republican Party that appeals to you on paper but then fucks us all over on our rights?

Still gonna believe your team is the good team or is it gonna be time to wise the fuck up?

Just a friendly reminder:

WWII never ended.

The British monarchy is actually German.

Israel was established in 1917 by the British government. Walter Rothschild (Bauer) wrote the declaration. (During WWI)

AH was a pawn of the Bauer family because he was their bastard grandchild.

My theory:

The Bauer family isn’t actually β€œJewish.”

All of the ruling class have ties to khazar bloodlines.

Spoiler Alert:

The FDA is going to get what it wants. (2076)


And this is very important.

No one.

Not one person.

Can or should trust the government.

Yah know. If I were a betting man...between being some kind of β€œhero to the right” and a regular seventeen year old kid....I bet I know which one this Kyle kid would pick.

Once you understand the public is being treated like an enemy intelligence network the world makes a lot more sense.

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