@Kelly_NAproducR this is ALL a moot point. There is no recalling of electors. If you can point to somewhere that’s addressed in the constitution, I’d be delighted to read it.

@MartinDeLaToot @Kelly_NAproducR

In a crime of fraud, you have to find who was hurt, in what way, and then look to remedies. Personally, I'd suck it up and let the election stand, if changes could be made to never let it happen again.

@vandys @MartinDeLaToot @Kelly_NAproducR does anyone seriously expect a remedy for this? Making sure it doesn’t happen again IS the remedy and it’s worth continuing to making a big effing stink about it just for that reason!

@madmike @vandys @Kelly_NAproducR ok, who are you making the stink to? If it’s online only, you’ve done exactly dick. If you’re actually doing something, cool. Otherwise you’re just a bunch of people bitching in the wind.


@MartinDeLaToot @vandys @Kelly_NAproducR I send my local elected representatives a link to the openVAERS site every Friday and remind them that election integrity is the most important issue for me, moving forward. Even bitching into the wind is something. Keeps in in the public consciousness:)

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