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I seriously cannot believe people are taking this vaccine. It’s amazing that we always reflect on a history full of tragic mistakes, and still we are always so full of arrogance, like “well now we know everything. This vaccine is totally safe because it’s 2021 and we know everything in 2021.”

We don’t know SHIT. We don’t even know what happens to a human when they live in a WiFi hotspot for 30 years because we’re not there yet. We just don’t fucking know anything.

Camping our way from lower FEMA region 9 to Rocky Mountain National Park. 3 nights Mather @ Grand Canyon. 1 night Mesa Verde. Second night at a Campground near Black Canyon NP. Site # 33.

Just listening to Friday’s Dark Horse podcast with the Doctors. Holy smokes. They are raising the alarm. I’m on the road so sorry for not providing time codes but ... worth a listen.

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Explosion and cyberattack cause major blackouts across Puerto Rico

substation on fire cuts power for 800K users
DDOS cyber attack on other stuff. I guess the AOC granny shit wasn't enough so TPTB have to poor gas on the fire now.

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VAERS COVID Vaccine Data (Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, USA)

329,021 Reports Through June 4, 2021
DEATHS 5,888
Urgent Care 43,891

Life Threatening 5,885
Heart Attacks 2,190
Myocarditis/Pericarditis 1,087
Thrombocytopenia/Low Platelet 1,564
Miscarriages 652
Severe Allergic Reaction 15,052
Disabled 4,583

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This is a few days old, so may have already made the rounds here, but I didn't see it.
So here it is (again?)

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The guy who broke the Loretta Lynch/Bill Clinton Tarmac Meeting in 2016, wrote a book about, committed “suicide” today

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Houston Methodist Hospital to staff - "Do not list any adverse reactions on anybody's chart related to the vaccine."

Discouraging VAERS reporting and this same hospital is about to FIRE nurses who refuse the experimental Jab.

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The SPARS Document
•Jun 11, 2021

77.5K subscribers

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Does anyone here have experience fighting a health insurance denial? Insurance has denied my daughters referral to a pain rehabilitation program out of state because it is out of state and that's not covered. But, there isn't any program like it in my state. Do I have any shot at getting them to cover any part of the cost? I'm in VA, the clinic is at Hopkins in MD and Anthem has a network in NOVA that covers DMV called Carefirst but I'm not a part of it.

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@madmike yeah that’s an idea. Start at the end with all the money and pulling on all the strings of media / social networks / big pharma - see what percentage of the population you can kill - in GTA.

For talk radio, they should just play NA clips. It would be as entertaining as anything GTA ever did. Antifa mobs in the street, or a street that is in a constant state of mostly peaceful rioting with fire and such. It’s going to be hard to make the game more entertaining than real life.

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Doctors everywhere are finding "false" PSA levels in vaccinated men. They are calling them false because the levels are high but they don't have prostate cancer (yet).

High PSA levels are also an indicator of one other thing... INFERTILITY

The next GTA game should have lots of material to draw from so I hope they’re keeping track of it all over there:)

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