Within the next 15 years there will be a two tier society in Europe. Vaccinated and Unvaccinated.

Murica' will be a couple of years behind. But it's already happening in Britain.

The middle-east / Asia are kind of fucked, its already happened in Israel, and China of course. But Israel most recently.

I am going to die on the hill of vaccinations. I'm not turning my back on my own biology nor the very evolutionary creation of my immune system.

I hope more Brits will do the same.

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@madchuck ITM from the belly of the beast... AKA Washington DC. I will see you on that hill soon, sir. TYFYC!

@thedrizl No, Thank you for YOUR courage. Especially being in the belly of the beast. Good luck out there sir!

@madchuck I thought we no longer had immune systems?!?!

@madchuck You’re right ... I “feel” like we no longer have immune systems.

@madchuck remember when they all die off that it was YOUR fault!

@MartinDeLaToot Every hill that you choose to die on is lonely. It’ll be a rough rough road

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