1941 was Steven Spielberg's finest movie. Discuss

Remember the time when Anthony Fauci was talking about the Gain of Function research that he & NIH totally didn't talk about or fund?


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Beeginners Log 023: Table Leg Moats (3)

The design was then printed in nylon (instead of PLA) for the final product. A tiny hole was drilled in the center vacuole (where the table leg goes to allow water to weep out without letting ants in. We set the moats in place and primed them with water. I'll let you know if the ants defeat this barrier.


Watch "A Japanese Master Craftsman Taught Me To Make Senko Hanabi Fireworks" on YouTube youtu.be/yvoUYEu3o-c

I miss Rush. I started listening back in 91... And I simply miss him...I counted on that show to keep some balance to the dimensions... With him gone, it's weighted in the wrong direction. Mega dittos rush.

After 16 months of Corona terror, it is clear to critical observers of the times:
We are in the middle of a gigantic pandemic of lies, in the middle of a transnationally orchestrated psychological war operation against the peoples.

Shock induced aggression. We are all being shocked.


I really hope that alien invasion works out lol

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