My Mam got her first jab (in the arm no less) of the Pfizer shit, she's had a headache for over a week now after it, and is checked in for a brain scan soon...

Racists were called Racialists in Britain in 1950s onwards (although I don't know when it stopped and turned to Racists)

A DC power grid? Last I heard on that, is that it would require tower blocks, monstrosities, upon tower blocks, containing racks of specialist and sensitive electronic hardware... I.e. Dead in the water from the get go

If you got vaccinated, then tested 2 weeks later. the bogus pcr test (amplification) would trigger a positive test based on 'a dead corona nucleotide' (as fauci said on doctors podcast) because the threshold is high...

ACs beloved Eurovision euro douchebag organisers say they're not allowing Belarus to partake! Like children they are

Powerful video from a Scottish nurse who quit recently regarding the scamdemic...

"... They just want to keep their jobs..." this really hit me, this is the 2020/1 'just following orders', people have plans in health care, house extensions etc, literal greedy stuff like that they don't want fucked with

I drove my paddy wagon past some hooligans. Boom.

In Ireland we call the vans; 'Black Mariahs', but I don't think that's an Ireland only thing:

EU Green travel passport proposed legislation:

Irish freedom barrister breaking down pertinent bits:

In it accounts for 'any future health epidemic' insert Klaus schwab wet dream flatten c02 curve here

So long freedom... Fuck the EU and Globo-freak bankers

Oh and they're banging on about a 3rd wave, willing it moreso....

There's something really diabolical almost satanic about this, they're really making us pay for cottoning on to the globo social engineering shit they've been at (and 'grand reset' as I call it)

Switched on euronews for the first time in ages.
Throughout the coverage, they use 'inoculation' over and over, news models/correspondents sometimes say vaccinations but in scrolling text, always inoculation. A more tolerable word?

Anti-police agenda... Yeah that's the agenda to focus on slaves, and certainly don't think about racist royal family no mo'. Sad.

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