State will lift mandatory quarantine for travelers, instead requiring they be tested before flying to Alaska

Those who lose their test results will be provided a test at airport terminals upon arrival or they may opt for a 14-day quarantine instead, Gov. Dunleavy said.

Where's Detective Dookie when you need him?

Any poop specialists id the critter that makes these piles?

‘Zombie fires’ are erupting in Siberia and Alaska, signaling a severe northern wildfire season may lie ahead

The wildfires can burrow into rich organic material, such as the vast peatlands that ring the Arctic, and smolder under the snowpack throughout the frigid winter.

Sitting up on a mountainside waiting for something exciting to come along.

You never get what you expect.

A shadow flash, movement in the periphery.

A close encounter with a hungry peregrine falcon(?) and a reminder to tuck ones pony tail.

Now its sitting upslope waiting on marmots or my back to turn.

Gorgeous day and I spent it crawling around under the cabin. Damn frost heaves and ground settling wreaked havoc with the foundation on one side (see pics). Jacked and braced now. See what happen over the summer as the ground dries and settles.

On the sunny side, its still sunny and those long Alaskan days are here.

Man o man it is gorgeous today. Denali is out, the sun is shining 😎

He tested positive for the coronavirus. One day later, a federal prison flew him home to Alaska.

Duane Byron Fields was granted compassionate release from a California prison engulfed in a COVID-19 outbreak. But nobody told Alaska authorities he’d tested positive for the virus — and when they found out, he’d already broken quarantine.

Suns a blazin
(That's Denali (formerly known as Mt McKinley for you Ohioans) hiding behind the tree)

How many dead Yemenis does it take to equal one Washington Post contributor? | The Grayzone

The War Nerd dissects reporting on Saudi Arabia to show the media cares much more about Jamal Khashoggi than 250,000 Yemenis killed in a Western-backed war

At least 10 TV stations across the country aired a news package in the past week scripted and produced by Amazon without identification —

"It came in as an email," Steuart said in an email. "It was a failure of our internal news management system. We have a lot of young producers here on their first jobs."

Made it up. 😎

Now, will I see any thing before the wife gets cold?🥶

Hoping to get up there.

No bears yet, saw some moose tracks.

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