Justice Department Asserts Unreviewable Discretion to Kill US Citizens

lawyer for the United States argued Monday that the government has the power to kill its citizens without judicial oversight when state secrets are involved.

“Whether that’s in a parking lot in the United States or abroad in Syria, the government has claimed — for the first time ever in this case — that it has unfettered and unreviewable discretion to kill US citizens at will,”

The Obama-Era "No Due Process for "National Security Drone Assassinations" legal framework from Obama doesn't help this a bit...

@BlueDouche @m00se @RoboftheVolcano I'll bet the legal "precedent" is going to be like story laundering in the news.

"The precedent is… Obama did it."

@progo @m00se @RoboftheVolcano

"Obama Did It" is basically a carte blanche for anything.

@m00se But Bilal was transferred by HTS to the Turks and then to Russia months ago. He’s probably in Siberia at this point. Audio of the lawyer at the end of the video.

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