Governor got the coof

Alaska Gov. Dunleavy tests positive for COVID-19 and has mild symptoms

The governor originally tested negative for COVID on Sunday but began feeling unwell Tuesday night and tested positive on Wednesday, his office said.

I got asked for a recommendation for CBD products that are guaranteed to contain NO THC. I know there are at least two producers who have CBD shops online. Does anyone have links to their websites?

@m00se Most folks don't realize that it was actually COVID that invented SkyNet. . .

Next up, New Covid Mutant Becomes Self-aware.

New Mutant COVID Strain Discovered In Finland Which May Evade Tests | ZeroHedge

I'm going crazy trying to figure out wtf Pool is thinking. I need to stop watching. I feel like he's basically a very high functioning hack.

Things are getting tough round here. Desperate measures being taken.

@m00se @SirSpencer silly internet wackjobs. HAARP is strictly for talking to aliens, and earthquakes.

@admin Preparing for single digit weather and snow in South Louisiana. Date with my smokin hot unregistered voter girlfriend tonight. Gumbo cookin tomorrow. Hope y’all all have a great weekend. Stay dangerous.

In 1930, the FBI cracked the case of a Ketchikan murder — thanks to an incriminating can of sliced peaches

Alaska history: It was cold and rainy afternoon when an unknown man approached the Coast Guard cutter with a painstakingly scrawled note: “SAGGON---THe PHeaNIX IV is in need of Help—Badly—Laying BiTe AT higgins point. Go ToniTe. She is Fish ByeR.”

....and Russia should sanction the US for it's Assange crackdown.

Biden Readies His First Major Sanctions On Russia For Navalny Crackdown | ZeroHedge

For anybody who knows anything about this case, even worse than drinking belle delphine bathwater cc @m00se

What do you predict for the ending of Joe Biden's presidency?

How often should this bot post?

Its current rate is 1 song / 3hrs

and it is active from aprox. 8am-12am
(whenever I turn my computer on or off lol)

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