No-Knock Warrants - Why The Breonna Taylor & Kenneth Walker Shooting Should Terrify Gun Owners

@PeteyMiami Here's the last mask I ever wore, while literally burning shit in Iraq. I'll be damned! if I'm about to mask-up in my home community!

@m00se @leyonhjelm @bigl0af "Police said they were still investigating but labeled it a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation against the couple by protesters in the racially diverse crowd."

Police "labeled" it trespassing and assault by the "protesters" but you are correct, I can see nothing in terms of charges filed.

My friend literally couldn't understand my mask aversion, he was like triggered to the point of shouting, "how can you be hung up about such a dumb little thing like a mask for 30 minutes."

me: "If it's such a dumb little thing then why can't *you* leave me the fuck alone about it?"

He said he doesn't care as long as he can go sit at a bar again he'll do whatever. I said that's how we lose all our freedoms, one "dumb little thing" at a time.

No. More. Dumb. Little. Things.

@bigl0af @SmashCast

Working on the next ANA. . .hope to be done by 4 EST if everything goes well. 🤞 🙏

Mask Facts from American Association of Physicians and Surgeons

‘Anti-science saga’? NBC contributor who documented harrowing battle with Covid-19 NEVER had the virus — RT USA News 

‘Anti-science saga’? NBC contributor who documented harrowing battle with Covid-19 NEVER had the virus — RT USA News 

@mjrider He should receive the Brian Williams award for FAKE JOURNALISM. NBC will have to Promote him now.!

Well have you considered using piranha in an aquaponics system. You could then lure unsuspecting guests and feed them to your fish? That way you don’t need to worry about the environmental issues with fish feed

Hooray, hooray, it’s meetup day!

Getting ready to welcome the incoming slaves with some local flavors.

Nothing to see here I wouldn't even look into it if I were you kid

My family bought a smart LG television called LG AI TV 2020, without asking for my opinion first. I did some research about what this "AI" feature is about, only to found out that: "LG uses AI technology to suggest personalized content and ads to you". I can't believe we have come to an era where fucking personalized ads is a feature that companies use to PR their product. This is chaos.

Nice. Registered — now I’m ready to become a thot

@realcaseyrollins @realcaseyrollins @realcaseyrollins
Welcome to "the club".
Anybody that critically thinks is a "racist" according to Mastodon and Twitter.
It's similar to how anything that works against Bejing's power-grabs is "racist" when anyone but China's government does it.
I swear that the world's populated by kids.
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