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Me, showing up every single day with fresh memes harvested from exotic and dangerous lands to entertain all you ungrateful peasants.

Make your picks... who wins?

We have 7 NA Social people pariticpating.

Midterm elections betting pool...
the Lucky 13

1. Lake vs. Hobbs (AZ)
2. Masters vs. Kelly (AZ)
3. Kemp vs. Abrams (GA)
4. Walker vs. Warnock (GA)
5. Lombardo vs. Sisolak (NV)
6. Laxalt vs. Masto (NV)
7. Mastriano vs. Shapiro (PA)
8. Oz vs. Fetterman (PA)
9. Michels vs. Evers (WI)
10. Johnson vs. Barnes (WI)
11. Dixon vs. Whitmer (MI)
12. Buldoc vs. Hassan (NH)
13. Tshibaka vs. Murkowski (AK)

A reminder to producers getting ready to create some show art for the best damn podcast in the universe

@m00se I started putting about a cup of apple cider and a splash of apple cider vinegar in when I wrap mine and have noticed they barely need shredding

Done resting.

Shredded. (With new meat claws 👍👍)

Delicious. 👍👍👍

Foil wrapping paid off with a good amount of juice to add back. Will definitely do that again.

Time to vacuum pack.

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That's the way to get it tender and remove the taste of coffee and antidepressants.

@adam Thank you for opening NA Social to new members. The people I have connected with are funny and kind. This is without a doubt the friendliest social media environment I’ve experienced.

@m00se yes I own thermapen and have given it as a gift to my favorite aunt

Almost 5 hrs now.

Hit 160°F and wrapped in foil.

Yiu can see the color of the bark better in the shadow on the right. Actually getting a bit of sun today instead of the rain we've been having for weeks and weeks and weeks and...

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Butts on deck.

Waitin for the smoker temps to stabilize.

Gonna be pullin my pork later tonight.

Y'all remember way back in the 'olden days' when the 'Serial' podcast was all the rage? Adnan Syed spent 23 years in prison for a murder he didn't commit. Just got released.

From The Epoch Times -

Getting caught up in my NA.

Chapters takin a strange turn later....
(Hint: the last one on this page)

@adam @Johncdvorak @drebscott

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