Repeat after me: human rights are not things the government has to give you. They're things the government isn't allowed to take away.

Finally got approved on Strike.

Yay! 🥳

Sent funds to Breez. Funds gone from Strike and all I got in Breez was an error message in my wallet.

Not yay! ☹

Not listening live, but if @Johncdvorak and @adam don’t do the aliens and dead cow stuff second half of show I’ll be pissed!

One thing I am good at is breaking stuff. (I think I broke it while wrestling my fourwheeler unstuck.)

Didn't really want this kind of belt clip but went with it due to a mix up and my procrastination about fixing my error. The guy that makes the holster guarantees his products and put some regular belt loop hardware on for me today.

Highly recomend his holsters, especiallyhis chest rigs. Good retention and fit. Prices are very good.

How I instantly halted a jab conversation with my manager.

(Context: gathering the group to meet up IRL for lunch)

Manager: “I wonder if everyone’s vaccinated...”

Me (semi-cutting her off): “I have no right or interest to ask for anyone’s personal medical information.”

And the conversation moved along quite smoothly to other more pressing topics.

The Thai restaurant is closed for Cinco de Mayo.

Won 1st game of rookies tournament last night, rallying from behind to take it in extra innings. Best part was that a newer player who has struggled all season, but always has a great attitude, hit in the winning run! Just seeing the smile on his face and how proud his dad was....that’s what’s it all about right there!

Next up, family GAME NIGHT! Wolves, goblins and bugbears. Oh my!

(My son is doing some amazing map construction work from trash, mostly!)

They're having wild Alaska shrimp boil while I am having blackened scallops. Oh shishkabobs too...

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