Can't wait to get my:

"I Had Chinese Corona-Virus Before it Was Cool"


We are all locked down... how long this goes on is up to each one of us, not the Government.

I beg forgiveness to DEVO for this cover, which is by A Perfect Circle... but we are witnessing "Devolution" in today's world, watching our rights get tabled indefinitely, without adequate and meaningful explanation.

There will always be another 'new' virus, etc. This is life, this is what happens in life & history.

Choose for Yourselves.

A Perfect Circle: Freedom of Choice

@TomNovak I will maintain to the day I die that this is a great Movie

People forget about cultural personal space. Americans have natural personal space bubbles that are much larger than other parts of the world. You get closer than an arm's length from me and it's not okay. And that's normal. Nobody takes that into account. We don't generally kiss cheeks or embrace hello (except you urbane hipsters like me). I bet kissy kissy small bubble cuddly cuddly cultures have it bad.

@CSB @Hemmels @m00se @BlueDouche Confirmed negative. I'll keep a look out for her obituary in the newspaper tomorrow.

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@SirSpencer @MoeFactz @OhVinnie
Don’t even get me started on how many times I’ve needed OhVinnie to sort my ass out ..

Oh @radix023 @SirSpencer Fellas, Moe has been around awhile.

@MoeFactz is his handle. Genius is his game...

Holy shit....latest Ep. 32 where Moe says the media and politicians are *literally* casting spells on people...


Literal spells. Magicks cast. That's what the fuck is going on, and I'm glad others are saying the same thing and fighting magick with magick!

I wish Moe had mastodon haha

Have you heard of Scott Adams' vision for a no-privacy city where resource usage is optimized, and your phone tells you what to eat and when to take a break based on your current physiological state?

This would go well with his vision: A toilet that chemically analyzes your shit and urine, and recognizes you by asshole. And yes of course all the logic and data live in The Cloud.

@[email protected]
I know my biochemistry well enough to know the virus isn’t fake, I know a virologist (researcher), too; but - to your point, the virus can both be real and also hijacked/magnified/warped for political ends..

ITM @m00se !!! I gotta few back msgs to get to ☝🏽✊🏻

"Instead of the UBI, let’s look at other bold policy proposals. Say for example, scrapping our federal tax system, phasing out central banking, or scaling back federal bureaucracy. These are actual reforms that liberate entrepreneurs from the shackles of government control and let them invest, save, and create businesses."

If you’ve been following the Assange situation & the attempt to get him out of Belmarsh for health reasons, the latest shit-fuckery on the part of the courts to keep him inside is despicable

What is fuckn wrong w people?

@MoeFactz @adam one can only dream of the sauce being cooked up for episode 33. My savage senses say it’s gonna be a banger. Can you see that juice?! 33 the degree at which water becomes liquid. Transcendence is coming.

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