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I’m guessing you’re both correct. And that the WH staff is so demoralized and inept that wiley old Creepy Joe will slip past them.

My money is on some time in December, when the unhealthy phood and busy schedules have everyone extra frazzled.

Is there a betting pool for how long before Joe is found wandering the Whitehouse lawn in his tighty‐whities in the wee hours of the morning?

If not, there should be.

Looks like my favorite local roaster has grown up and got a website.

Genesis Coffee Lab

What is Coffee Revival? Put simply: Source to Cup. The mission of Genesis Coffee Lab is to provide our customers with the highest quality specialty coffee, imported directly from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, then roasted by us in Alaska. No middle man- just Direct Trade, Direct Relationship, & Direct Impact.


@m00se @chris on my road there's literally a dollar general bag in the same tree for a year now.

People who fake being “influencers” using bought likes, and then take money and attention from advertisers to shill products to users that aren’t real, are…. Goddamned fucking heroes. Any time some asshole marketing company has to pay money to spam someone who doesn’t actually exist, society is a little better off.

I know, right? And I haven't stopped at an intersection on the ocean floor in I don't know how long!

POLL: “The U.S. government is using the COVID-19 vaccine to microchip the population.”

(This article’s entertaining attempt at conspiracy therapy inspired this toot. 😆)

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