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It's time for everyone's semi-annual reminder:

Coca-Cola and strawberries test positive for covid.
If you have the flu, you test positive for covid.
There is no test that has full approval for covid.
The inventor of PCR had to be removed before covid could outbreak because he would be inconvenient.
If you do not have symptoms, you cannot be diagnosed with covid.

@Murray_N @m00se
I was just talking to my dude over there. He says its cause of the food issues on top of other economic issues thats been going on for a while. Like a month ago he was telling me they had about 4hr blackouts daily and long lines for rationed gas. No cans, could only pump into your vehicle so people could t even run their generator without siphoning it from their tanks.


No, it wasn't ceated by aliens. They are correct when they say this because they are lookng at it from an Earth perspective. It was made by Martians, natives to the planet, so not aliens. At least they told the truth, except for the part about natural erosion. Unless by natural they mean at the hands of native Martians.

@m00se So there's a whole bunch of backdoors. Got it.

Don't worry folks, just natural erosion. Totally not a flaw in the movie set.

Mysterious Mars ‘doorway’ explained

An image taken by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover does not actually show a doorway crafted by aliens, scientists were quick to note

But will they pinky swear?

NSA promises ‘no backdoors’ in new encryption

National Security Agency says new encryption standards have “no backdoors” for anyone to access, including US government itself

Aww fuckit, why not

I do believe I will vote for a Democrat this year just to hopefully see Senator Murkowski get shown the door.

A Mat-Su Democrat is running for US Senate in Alaska, potentially scrambling the campaign

Pat Chesbro’s entry in the race, combined with Alaska’s new system of ranked-choice voting, could change the dynamics between leading Republicans Lisa Murkowski, the incumbent, and Trump-endorsed Kelly Tshibaka.

Amber Heard is truly an abusive monster for if this is true.

Come see me, Sir Fahrenheit, The Cognitive Dissident, Baron of the Baritone Saxophone, Protector of the Monongahela Watershed, perform on... tenor saxophone, naturally. 🎷

Munhall Community Band Spring Concert Tickets, Sat, May 21, 2022 at 5:00 PM | Eventbrite

Rigor mortis will do that ...

UK’s Queen Elizabeth has ‘mobility problems’

British Queen Elizabeth will not attend the opening of parliament due to health issues, Buckingham Palace has said

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