@m00se Thats what I'm talkin about- shitpost RPG mechanics

Hi, everyone. It has been a long time :)
Lot of new issues were reported during the time I was away. I have started to fix them

If you have found any issues in Fedilab, UntrackMe or TubeLab, please share them with me. If you have suggestions or feature requests, share those too :)
Thank you!

- Thomas

Further, the traditions and tribal rites of elite movie makers and their friends are not relevant in an American court of law.

They could dress up in fancy pajamas and click "prop guns" at each other all night while giggling, but when somebody actually gets shot, their internalized recklessness isn't a mitigating factor.

The pajama excuse must be rejected.

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WTF is in the JFK docs? MLKs infidelity was hilarious in the last drop. Bush SR. is dead. I thought it was his involvement. He was there that day for the CIA in that famous picture of him smoking outside the police station. Coupled with his public claim later that he 'doesn't remember where he was'. The only USA citizen of sound mind alive at the time that said that. Who else is alive, and was involved in a prominent public position now?

Steak knife made from hardened wood is 3 times sharper than steel

By experimenting with alternative methods of wood processing, scientists have come up with a new hardened form of the natural material that can be fashioned into sharp knives and sturdy nails. The team reports the resulting knives are nearly three times sharper than a standard dinner table knife, and can even be thrown into the dishwasher after use.


I just found this one amusing but also it's good to let your kids grow and learn.

@Syberia @EarlThePearls @m00se
Being set apart from this world may seem a bit strange, but Thank God for all of us who are. 🙏🏻👊🏼

@m00se so this "headlamp" is for doing things in the dark? umm🤔😂 I have been using it wrong a along...😂😂😂


I am not "exempt" from a rule I don't recognize. Free men do not ask for permission to be spared tyranny, we reject it outright.

Not one inch from me you sons of bitches!

Do you work at Mt Rushmore? Either I saw you or your doppelganger there this morning.

@Synclair No. None of the Hollywood Elites deserve sympathy for anything, ever. They're all involved in or at least stay quiet about the rampant child trafficking rings. All of them are evil.

Those are some environmentally friendly pink tacos. My wife's of course. Mine will have BEEF as well as all the sides.

Guys guys guys.

Posts that start with "If this is true, then..." are lazy. Google that shit first.


In 2006, I found a bottle of concentrated fake apple juice with expiration 1989, while organizing Grandmother's fridge.

Tasted as good as it had ever tasted.

@m00se in the back of the fridge since 2016 - you just threw out an developing microscopic civilization - and maybe also a cure for cancer 😅

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