Earth, Wind & Fire - Let's Groove (Official HD Video) - YouTube

So much respect for the old video guys doin' it analog.

For the more technically inclined: The "podcast:value" Standard


Got home only to get stuck in the driveway . A foot of snow fell while we were gone. Had to snow blow the drive. Unstick the jeep. Unstick the trailer. Get everything put away. Eat dinner with an ibuprofen chaser and off to dream land......

Ho Lee Phuck !!!

Trail is drifted like a sumbitch.

Made a run at it and success! One load in rig. Picked up a fellow cabin dweller at parking area that had broke down sled. Bonus Karma points for riding him out to his place where his wife and other sled are.

Horse shit. Trump did NOT fight like hell to protect the 2nd amendment.


I need to find myself in a similar place soon, PNW isn't lacking in opportunities to GTFO for a while.

Missing the show working outside but I have views like this.

Clouds are such that many seeing this view would go home thinking they've seen Denali. That's just one of the foot hills and the big mountain is hiding in the clouds.

Donald Trump is no longer a hill worth dying on. We can thank him for less wars. Fuck him for twelve months of lockdown that he did basically nothing about. Carry on.

ITM y'all! Yeah, yeah. . .I know I am publishing while the live-stream is on. I'm BUSY! Paying bills via client projects while boarding the D-train is impor'an'. 😎

This segment was hilarious to me (I am a bit dark) and also kinda blew my mind. Then again, this show continues to blow my mind twice weekly!

I am so very thankful for the continued sanity vaccine (only one I'm taking these days).

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Alt links to follow once available.

@m00se um you may need to seek medical attention or damn that was a lot of icing on that cake

TFW when you are @darrenoneill dealing with requests on the preshow. TYFYC brother.

Moon is setting and no more snow in the trees this morning. Wind is a blowin!

@Dalinkwentism @mhjohnson @jennifer @m00se @yukiame @shebang also in keeping with the strong forklift theme in recent memeing circles, some sea shanty memes still out there.

Okay that’s my report from memeland

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