Hey, gents, who is our Gitmo pain management supplier?

Well, the Merk pill doesn't work (efficacy is within margin of error to placebo) and the stock is plummeting.. Is this a small victory for reality?


Past history support my notion:

Remdesivir, the only approved treatment for hospitalized patients, costs an estimated $5 (pdf) to produce and was sold to the U.S. government for $2,340 a course—a price now pegged as too high for many patients.


@lwdallas ziltch. People at work all double jabbed, still having positive tests. Some have serious side effects

! What do we in think the efficacy rates really are for the vaccines now? And the death rates?

Texas Supreme Court issues stay on restraining order blocking arrest of House Democrats who fled. Now allow for arrest of Democrats who remain absent amid second special session.

Seth Keshel publishes an analysis of five Pennsylvania counties with enough falsified ballots to tilt the majority of votes in the state to Trump.

i like the idea of fucking with Cali's election by donating to Larry Elder

Pei wei house special chicken = sweaty balls for $14.00 in a plastic plate.

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