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"Virginia lawmakers have rejected assault weapon ban despite Northam's push | WJLA"

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! @ChrisWilson can you ask the Aussie knights who youtube to give a pro boner project some likes/dislikes and subscriptions?


Thank you for your courage!

slaves and knights.

Needing some likes/dislikes, subscribes for a pro bono project. Anybody here using the YouTubes?


@adam iOS apps are digging in. My door unlock app Kevo now, after years, suddenly wants my motion and fitness data.

Da hell??

My new phone is still on order.

Holy Crap.

Federal Agents arrested Dr. Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, with lying to the Department of Defense about secret monthly payments of $50,000.00 paid by China and receipt of millions more to help set up a chemical/biological “Research” laboratory in China. Also arrested were two Chinese “Students” working as research assistants, one of whom was actually a lieutenant in the Chinese Army, the other captured at Logan Airport as he tried to catch a flight to China - smuggling 21 vials of “Sensitive Biological Samples” according to the FBI.

The research lab the good professor had helped set up? It’s located at the Wuhan University of Technology. Wuhan China is ground zero to the potentially global pandemic known as the “Coronavirus”.


I wouldn't mind seeing Shifty's head on a Pike. But that's my opinion.

TheLastRefuge (@TheLastRefuge2) Tweeted:

Quite stunning how National MSM doesn't cover the full defense after covering the full prosecution.

A visible and alarming precursor for the scale of their manipulative intent and bias in the 2020 election.

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Democrats just don't get it, Everyone should be pissed off at the whole Hunter Biden Deal, That's EVERYONE'S Tax Dollars He Is Stealing By Laundering It Through Burisma.

Being a Democrat or Republican Doesn't Matter, It's Your Tax Dollars He Is Stealing!

The People Not Pissed Off Are The Ones That Are Getting a Cut of $$

Democrat Legacy Tales:

"This One Time, In Prison Camp..."

😂😂😂 Enjoy the Wait, #SocialistStalwarts !

🐂💥💥💥 #DemocratMediaComplex #Democrats #TheBlueCoup

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