Shopping for a gift for my husband for our upcoming 10th anniversary. Please send me some awesome links for NA producer shops!

Biden's entire press conference is about blaming Trump on everything wrong.

Are they shoving 4 years of six week cycle into a month?

I'm running out of things to say to people when they tell me they are getting the jab. Any SWF suggestions?

Got to admit, this South ParQ is pretty funny.

Is this happening in your states? The public "leaders" are getting the J&J vaccine, not one of the others.

The comments from @adam and @Johncdvorak on women not wanting to return to "normality" in the workplace ring true to me. I have been struggling with this to the point that I'm job hunting to WFH full-time. Yet, I cannot name this deep, primal feeling of wanting to stay home. I get to spend over 2 hours more with my kids each day, I'm cooking dinner every night, I get more time to focus on my health, & it all just feels right. Finally, the balance of wife, mom & professional? Feels like Freedom.

@LadyButters @CSB @Therealdcgirl @MrsShill @Tante_Neel @MountainJay @IllumiNadia

Warning. . .Incoming Self-Promotion. . .

This is the 2nd ANA I ever did. Thank goodness the song it so good, you almost miss my errors etc!

Listening to Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow and entered the chapter where the Hamiltons get yellow fever. Very interesting how the treatments were politicized and treatment of people who contacted the disease. Similarities for centuries apart.

Has anyone actually looked at this vaccine as a new technology that was sent here by advanced civilizations (think of that how you may)? When you hear scientists call it a "miracle" it got me thinking back to other technological micacles some of my favorite conspiracy theorist like to point out.

Listening to Tim Pool tell Megyn about his shows has this marketer cringing.... oh I have three shows on podcast, youtube, there is one over there that's a little different, oh and this one is like that, there are a bunch of people talking. ... Focus your message and make it clear. But damn, his reach is impressive.

Tulsi Gabbard's appearance on Megyn Kelly just confirms my question, why is she not president? (yes, I know, Clinton's shit list, party politics, not a war monger)

I wanted to say thanks to this podcast from the bottom of my heart!

My family thanks you as well. I have gotten my kids on the right path of being able to analyze all data and information coming at them and make their own decisions.

I have also sharpened my mental jiu-jitsu listening this past year as well.

My six year old runs around saying "China is ASSHOE" and then looking for made in china stamps on all our shit.

Funny as hell!

Just wanted to share.

Enjoy y'alls weekend!

Want to see the social media go a little crazy? Post something about a potato changing its name.

So Minnesota is holding off opening up the vaccine administration to those under 65 until those over 65 are 70% vaccinated. Do they think 70% of people want the vaccine?

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