Looking for a good--borderline addictive--youtube channel that is not woke, with either Republican or Libertarian views etc. but does NOT focus on political issues (if that makes sense) Whatever format: podcast, one guy talking to himself, vlogs, I don't mind. Thank you!

What's your favorite video/article blog post etc. that explains in the best way, why climate change makes no sense. Thanks!

For all the NA fans from Australia, would love to know what you guys think of Clive Palmer?

Even Rogan thinks people who have an American flag in their bios are bots and have mental issues. WTF, have you heard of American pride and 'fight for our freedon'? I guess not

STill harassed by 4 people today for not wearing a mask on the bus. Still rebelling because I will fight til the end. Hope there's many of us doing the same. WHen will this end?

Happy to see Musk buy twitter, i guess, but i'm still very against him promoting transhumanism. Not sure what this guy is after!

Believe it or not there are Schools that still require mask wearing! I'm going back to school for a few months training program. I was listening to the instructions on the first day and the layd approaches me and said 'please wear your mask' I was so dumfounded I almost cried. I did wear it for 10 minutes and almost fainted. I removed it and said 'I can't i have asthma' NOw i'm the only one in the class not wearing that trash. UNBELIEVABLE!

Ben Shapiro And The Daily Wire TAKES OVER TIMCAST w/Jason Whitlock & Colin Wright youtube.com/watch?v=82McLsWH0S

Just heard a ROgan guest mention HOward Zinn's 'A People's History of the US' I remember a few weeks ago JOhn mentioning something a bout this book being a manipulative tool full of misinfo but can't clearly recall what he said. Does anyone know what episode it was on by any chance? Thanks!!

SO now we don't have to wear masks. When can we travel like normal human beings? DOes anyone know?

For any SOuth Park fan out there. I thought this was the funniest way to describe the big migration we've seen these past couple of years. youtube.com/watch?v=DT-VXh0vOO

Did any of you atomatically got subribed to NBC News Youtube channel?

Just heard of the XI variant, PLEASE tell me we're not going to get another lockdown!

What is your opinion about what's going on in Ukraine? What's the REAL story?

Does anyone know of a forum or social media or any place online where people discuss conspiracy theories on any pop ulture related stuff? I have a question regarding the TV Show 'WOlf Like Me'

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ITM y'all - Happy Friday! The news has been changing so fast, we can hardly start a new ANA before it's out of date and unpublishable. We finally picked one that could be relevant for at least a few more days. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo




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