Watch "Joe Rogan Experience #1485 - Krystal & Saagar" on YouTube 

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Imagine working for an encryption company, getting bought out by a shady Chinese teleconferencing organisation, and then hearing that they will not encrypt conferences in order to better work with the FBI.

How embarrassing.

Anyone set up a discourse server ?

The podcast is working on a new venture.

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Coronavirus Drives Signs of a Major Drop in College Enrollment - The New York Times 

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The results are in. With diet and exercise alone I (yes I am taking complete credit for this) brought my husband's total cholesterol down 75 points (triglycerides down 96 points) in 10 months, successfully avoiding him having to go on medication.

TAKE THAT BIG PHARMA! 🖕 Revokes Genealogies Of African Americans Who Don't Support Biden | The Babylon Bee 

China proposes controversial Hong Kong security law - BBC News 

Grandmother ordered to delete Facebook photos under GDPR - BBC News 

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Rand Paul discusing troubling revelations regarding Good material for Thursdays show.
My new podcast is out!! It's about Dudes named Ben. Back From The Future

Artwork done by @m00se as part of

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