Chrome is a proprietary binary blob, and Chromium isn't community-driven and likely never will be, either.

STOP USING CHROME. By doing so, you are enabling a huge corporation to behave badly, to brute-force their "standards" and agenda, and to and sacrifice your privacy.
This is the 90's Microsoft all over again.

Try a Gecko based browser like:

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5G Networks Will Likely Interfere With US Weather Satellites, Navy Warns

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I hate dog people.

The friend's dog jumps all over me, drools on me, tries to bite me, and doesn't allow me to go anywhere. But when I get angry about this, I am the bad person.

I hate this.

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Just replaced Google+ with Mastodon in the social links section on the website! Represent!


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InfoSec Guy, looking for Security Champs to connect :)

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masto: are you sure you wanna block the whole instance? what about the nice people there? what if you're losing out? why not just block this one shit head instead of all of them? why not-

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Supersportsball is happening tomorrow: helpful terminology for non-sportsballists.

For those not terminally fascinated by people playing with their balls, our regular programming continues unabated.

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Google's Sidewalk Labs Plans To Sell Location Data On Millions of Cellphones

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YunoHost is pretty cool. I have little experience setting up servers, but I do know a little bit about setting up dev environments. So I followed a tutorial to set it up on Digital Ocean and have it all running on my own domain with SSL. It went pretty smooth mostly...

For $5 dollars per month I can use Wallabag (Pocket alternative) and my own RSS feed manager with Tiny Tiny RSS Feed.

Besides that I also have the option to install countless of other apps with Yunohost.

#YunoHost #Wallabag

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people not boosting my toots is censorship, like in the novel 1984

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Block AWS & break the Internet.
Any US company that is so omnipresent in the lives of its customers and has an active corporate policy to crush or, at least, impede competition does question Anti-Trust concerns.

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