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Thank you @DaemonFools! I am pinning this so that all may see the error of their ways and become enlightened.

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I posit that "dingleberry" is one of the best insults of all time.

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Wow... This will probably prevent anyone from ever helping me again and you'll all think I'm a butch but...

If you don't understand the question, don't help.

If you don't read the question, don't give me an answer.


Well, I love you all.

Hey, Dudes Named Ben and Dudettes Named Bernadette, I have a networking problem.

I have wired part of my house with Cat6A. I have a 10GBE switch in my "server room" and another smeller 10GBE switch in a theater room with a bunch of devices.

I installed the 2nd 10G switch today.

There are two wall plates in use for the run of ethernet.

If I use both, I cannot connect over 10G, only 1G. If I only use 1, I get 10G.

What is wrong? HELP ME!!!

We now introduce people by declaring the color of their skin and sexual habits.

What has happened to us?

Since Bitcoin dropped, I have doubled my mining production with more to come!

The more I burn, the more I earn.

Thanks Mother-Earth!

Also, thank you Nicehash for being the first to unlock the LHR cards 100%!

Fuck you, Nvidia!

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When Did ‘Woman’ Become a Dirty Word?
The movement to ‘degender’ medicine amounts to erasure of the female sex.

During my recent treatment for breast cancer, a nurse assured me that my “chest cancer” prognosis was promising.
“Chest cancer?”
“We try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” she said. “Everyone has a chest.”

I wouldn't trust pro-abortion protestors. Those people literally want to slaughter unborn children by the million.

Amber Turd... Heard... and Adam Shit... I mean Schiff... would make a good couple.

Well, investors seems quite confused today.

Calling an abortion "reproductive care" is like calling slavery an "unpaid internship."

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Legalized abortion is a lot like legalized slavery.

Why are there so many transwomen in the tech industry?

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