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I made a video to show how easy it is to add a business to the marketplace by just adding a .md (markdown) text file using web gui

(the longest part is just waiting a couple of minutes for netlify to do its magic automatically in the background)

From now on, all humans represented in all multimedia should have unnaturally colored skin so that we can all get over the "looks like me" idiocy.

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🍎 🤡 Apple is for retards, reason #978513: Ecotarded
> a new daemon [...] collects carbon emission data from the local load balancing authority (like the US EIA) based on the device’s location. Then, iOS also downloads a carbon emission forecast from a server. [...] iOS 16 will wait to charge the iPhone at a time when power grids are less constrained and more clean energy capacity is available [...] and will certainly be very useful for other Apple products as well.

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Ugh. The next time I hear someone use the phrase "Wakanda Forever" as some kind of melanimistic anthem, I'm going to remind them that their favorite fictional nation doesn't lift a finger while billions of fellow Africans die from wars, violence, disease, starvation, and thirst.

The brainwashing of rural America will be our undoing.

Change my mind.

She-Hulk is cringy-ass shit for today's modern, career-obsessed, pro-abortion woman who thinks she's independent and intelligent but is completely brainwashed and suffers near constant cognitive dissonance as she justifies her pointless life.

When someone says, "Pffft! Global Warming? We just hit a record low!" we are told that we can't judge the "climate" by our local conditions.

But when we're hitting record highs, that logic is fine.

But follow the science!

What has been more divisive within the NA community than vaccines?

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For people who believe in an afterlife, what do you think you'll do there? How will you look? Is it just more of this or something else?

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If you ever meet someone that keeps this on their desk, facing towards them so that they can read it, turn around and walk away.

I want Amazon to put a badge on books/media that highlight Pro-LGBT messages/Woke content.

That way parents will know which ones to avoid.

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