Related to the discusion on the last show. Someone looked into all of the research on transgenderism, and tries to explain it for the rest of us.

Watch "I'm Trans Now? Diagnosing Rapid Onset Dysphoria" on YouTube

Tim Cook believes the most sacred thing that we have is our own judgement and morality, and thus the only right thing to do is to impose his judgement and morality on everyone else.

A quirk I love about modern english (early and current) is that whenever we noun a verb the stress moves from the first to the second syllable to denote "thing-ness"

Hence, you record a record; rebels rebel; a permit permits; an envelop envelopes; and you suspect the suspects.

A though I just had.
The Right-wing chooses a position that they consider good, and everything that opposes it must be bad.
While the Left-wing chooses a position that they consider bad, and thus everything that opposes it must be good.

I think I have a sulution to the illegal immigration problem. Mexico needs to vote to join the US as a collection of teritories.
It makes it so that all of the illegal immigrants are citizens, but also means that they can't send all of the hard earned money out of the country. The drug cartels would be within US territory, and thus subject to everything that the DEA could do to them. The southern border would be much smaller, and already has a wall.
And the liberals brains would explode. Win win

Does anyone else find it interesting that the magnetic South Pole is no longer under Antartica, or even in the Antartic Circle?

Yes, I know that the magnetic South Pole is actually a north magnet, but whatever.

I am begining to think that the worst curse I could inflict on people is this: May your children be braver and smarter then you. May they be able to recognize true tyranny, and be willing to oppose it.

Why are there so many articles about needing to improve security after a school shooting, but no one ever mentions what kind of security was already in place?

Likewise, why do the same people complaining the Trump is a nazi also want the government to take all the guns away?

Anyone else ever notice that in the Facebag app, if you open up a conversation to read it, then close it without responding, you can never find it again.
I have to think this is intentional to prevent people from easily being able to jump on a browser on thier phone and actually fact check something before posting.

Belphegor's prime is 1,000,000,000,000,066,600,000,000,000,001: a palindromic prime number with 666 in the middle and 13 0s on either side. It is named after Belphegor, one of the seven princes of hell.

Not sure how many gamers are out there, but since I have no chance of making it to Fear the Con IX. I'll just help how I can.

I would vote for any single-issue candidate who ran on a platform of abolishing Daylight Saving Time

"God split himself into a myriad parts that he might have friends."
This may not be true, but it sounds good, and is no sillier than
any other theology."
[Lazarus Long, _Time Enough for Love_ by Robert Heinlein]

We must agree right now that the Bill of Rights takes precedence over everything else and may not be suppressed by a pall of political correctness on campuses, in the media, in corporate life, or anywhere else. There is no right not to be offended by the free expression of others. Those of us who can afford it should sue those who try to deprive us of our freedom of speech. Mine is worth at least ten figures. "Revenge of the Cookie Monster" 31 January 2010 L. Neil Smith

I do a lot of over the road driving, and thus listen to the radio. At no point during the entire day of listening to the normal radio stations did I hear even one mention of the JFK files. WTF m5m. Is this not actual news, which you claim to report?

We have the movie "Planes" running on repeat at work. One of my coworkers sees the opening sequence where the main character is imagining himself race against fighter jets, and says "That makes no sense, why would you think about that?"
My response was "You've never worked a hay field. You have nothing to do but think."

Masturbation is the thinking man's television.
-- Christopher Hampton
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