If they pass a law banning ownership of certain firearms unless you are at least 21, then they should also ban the military draft until you are of the age to legally be able to own them.

Help me choose a network port!

I have several VPS servers (debian 10) running normal web/vpn/proxy services, and need a port (not 80,443,22,1194,3192) for a custom remote mgmt utility.

It can't be a port typically blocked by Enterprise firewalls, because I need to be able to hit from anywhere. This includes strict firewalls that block nonstandard ranges, eg. 8080, 9999, etc.

What's a port so essential they can't block it, but I'll never need for normal stuff?

Just looking for suggestions.

Can you guys stop just leaving screen shots of tweets or anything else, without a Source tweet/link, please.

It’s hard to listen to this Rogan and Bill Maher trash conservatives as dumbasses for not “believing in climate change”. I believe the climate is currently warming but I don’t believe that a significant percentage of it is caused by humans which of course they don’t mention any of that nuance. The climate hustlers have terrible models that are never accurate.

When you look up a recipe online and it has 3 pages of back story. Like I give a fuck about grandma and the trip the lake that took the life of your brother back in 73. Just give me the damn meatloaf recipe for a cast iron

Boost this post if you survived

We urgently need to send some military advisors to Ukraine to teach them how to video in landscape mode.

Recording in portrait mode is like watching WWIII through a soda straw.

I’m looking to commission some comic art for some signs and would like to employ some of the EXCELLENT artists on NoAgendaartgenerator.com is there a way to contact artists?

@CSB @adam @Johncdvorak

Advocating for bodily freedom and simultaneously hitting people in the mouth today.

Hanks for all you do you two

@adam @Johncdvorak

Just discovered you can easily switch mastodon instances in Amaroq. Handy when you want to straddle Universe A and B

925 sounds different, better, more airy, especially @Johncdvorak. Did you do some tweaking @adam?

Why We Have A 2nd Amendment: Venezuela Plans To Give Firearms To Loyalists To Purge Growing Resistance https://quitter.im/url/477026

Is it wrong for me to point out these sorts of things wouldn't even be an issue if people only slept with people they knew well enough to be able to even slightly trust?

"A disturbing sex trend called 'stealthing' is on the rise"


This is what tooting on the federated timeline feels like:

@adam saw Professor Peterson's talk last night here in Oregon and was delighted to hear your discussion of him on #923.

Caught our local affiliate blatantly airing a native ad RIGHT AFTER A PAID AD for said item. Thanks to for turning me on to the concept of native ads.

I have seen a number of posts on social media that think Alabama was treating Antifa harshly or different for making them take their masks off.

Truth is these outsiders just don't know the law. In the South we have strict laws against masks that are worm to hide your identity. These all stem from ending the threat of the KKK and other hate groups during the civil rights movement.

In the South you can be as much of an asshole as you like, you just have to show your face.

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