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Someone remind me to remove this addition to my 404 page in a month or two.

"Whatever happened to the pioneer? / Who faced the great unknown with a trembling fear"

from House of Heroes

β€ͺDid no one think to inform the author that custom moulds aren’t all that expensive? (It’s not worth reading the article. The headline and photo tell you all you need to know.)‬

If you can understand Dutch, this episode of , in recognition of 100 years of Dutch radio, is great

Hat tip to the dude behind NA Meetups... so many "event RSVP" platforms don't let you say that you're bringing other people along

I never thought I would listen to a country album from start to finish and honestly be able to say I enjoyed it.

I've been using a standing desk for my main workstation for three months now and I don't think I could ever go back.

"If all truths must be scientifically verified, then the claim that all truths must be scientifically verified must be scientifically verified. And it isn't!"

Don't you wish "share my location with my friends" apps were useful? (That is, if you're not OTG)

"We don't need to break up big tech, we need to break up WITH big tech." β€” @adam

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