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Happy regular work Monday to all my Commonwealth friends

Here’s your unsolicited reminder that dictionaries do not prescribe, they describe.

You say "if we're going to invent time travel in the future, why haven't we seen time travellers?"

What, you think they'd be so daft as to tell you about it?

The habit of government legislation to make certain jobs and industries to feel like an inhuman service (or worse, a "right") never ceases to weird me out.

One of my greatest fears at this stage in life is that my wife will pick up a piece of Lego, not realise what it is, and throw it away.

At first I was all "I'm going to stop saying 'rain cheque' because it's from baseball and baseball is lame" but now that I've found a Wikipedia list of idioms from baseball, because there's just so many of them, I have rescinded that opinion.

Childproofing a lighter by stopping spark generation and still allowing butane flow is kinda dumb.

Seeing "the older generation" sending one sentence emails and paragraph-length texts never ceases to entertain.

I wonder: would the type of orthodox Jew that refuses to flip a light switch during the Sabbath (apologies if I'm misinformed) be opposed to telling their Alexa-type device to turn on the lights?

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