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Seeing "the older generation" sending one sentence emails and paragraph-length texts never ceases to entertain.

I wonder: would the type of orthodox Jew that refuses to flip a light switch during the Sabbath (apologies if I'm misinformed) be opposed to telling their Alexa-type device to turn on the lights?

Apparently some are seeing "domestic supply of infants" trending on the tweeter.

Meanwhile the No Agenda Show has been calling people's children "human resources" in jest since time immemorial.

Oh, to be remembered long enough and widely enough that people use their own language's version of your name…

Then again, maybe that's a cultural/historical thing?

@adam @TheKeeper finally caught up on Curry and Keeper. Enjoying hearing of your theological explorations! You've been given some great book recommendations.

While I might have a direction I hope you end up going in, just hearing that you're willing to respond to the "nudges" and explore and consider is very pleasing to hear.

(I'm in Adam's camp on the music styles, raising hands in worship, and working through things logically FWIW. Maybe that's "a guy thing".)

I'll be praying for you both!

"Today’s artists have more power over their sales and their audience. They may not be starving. They're just burned out."

I'm almost convinced that sourdough has a similar effect on the brain as toxoplasmosis

If Twitter were to join the fediverse, would you use your Twitter account as your primary fedi-persona?

TFW a walkable village with a strong culture is so desirable, it can be an amusement park.

This is apparently what you do when you want to build a hall/offices/classroom right up against the eastern — geographically and liturgically— walls but want the rising sun to continue to shine in

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