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Bad grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the like really makes the person look dumb. And looking dumb by association hurts. Don't be that person.

People may hate on email newsletters but the monthly one I get from the guy we hired to do our home-buyer's inspection — which has seasonal maintenance and safety tips — is an outstanding product.

Language gripe of the day: people saying "my Facebook" or "my Instagram" rather than "my Instagram profile" or "my Facebook account"

We don't say "I need to check my bank"

What do we want?


When do we want it?


Seeing too many "the UN says we're all gonna die from the effects climate change so you'd better vote for leaders who care" posts today.

Sometimes I wonder if all of this "wage gap" conversation is addressing the problem the wrong way around.

Instead of complaining about statistics about a certain demographic (gender, race, hand-dominance, &c.) getting paid less than another — whether or not the stat is true — why not focus on encouraging businesses to pay their employees justly?

Seeing @MrsShill posting nice springtime outdoor photos reminded me to post a picture of our family walk last Sunday.

Posting about 🇺🇦 for the first time on International Women's Day is a great way to hide the fact you're not going to post about IWD

Trying out a website that automatically deletes your tweets (to see if it’s any different that the one I already use for Twitter and Mastodon).

It doesn’t let you use the service if you’ve liked too many tweets from “prominent racists, misogynists, antisemites, homophobes, neo-Nazis, and other fascists” because apparently that means you are one.

My parents started a shared text document detailing the key family events that have happened since they married >30 years ago. It is now nearly 5000 words long. Part of me thinks this is a great idea and I want to make my own for my own life/family, but the other part of me wonders… is there a better way to do this?

I think my eight-year-old has sent more letters than Jae's assistant.

She has multiple friends whom she sees less-than-monthly and they converse via mail. (One even instituted a simple code so her older siblings can't read her mail!)

She also has an analog wristwatch and can respond faster when asked what time it is than Siri.

Empires don't decline, they crash and burn

[citation needed]

Goals: die on an unknown day so my gravestone can say 31 February

@adam @Johncdvorak this is from a Catholic canon lawyer (i.e. trained in the interpretation of Church law) who now runs an independent Catholic news-analysis site with another lawyer.

A broader point is that the precision of language is very important for the Catholic Church. It's part of why Latin is used for a lot of official matters.

The priest should have known better, and I think root of the issue might be an English-as-a-2nd-language thing.

Full thread:

The second-class citizens of Alberta can dine-in again, so it's time for another No Agenda meetup in Edmonton!

This is part of why No Agenda is a great way to consume the news

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