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Tomorrow, I'm going to write a piece for the internal "advice from IT" blog on the how and why of password managers.

Anyone have any hot takes on why the one they use is the best?

Broke: calling December Christmas countdown calendars "advent calendars"

Woke: actual Advent countdown calendars

My kids are calling the chocolate Euro coins they got from St Nicholas Bitcoin

Portuguese Royal Library - located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The library was founded in 1837 by a group of 43 political émigrés from Portugal to promote Portuguese culture in the capital of the Brazilian Empire. Since 1900 it has become public.
The library building was designed in the New Manueline style by the Portuguese architect Rafael da Silva y Castro and was built from 1880 to 1887.
The library has the largest collection of works in Portuguese outside Portugal (350 thousand items).

i cant wait until mastodon adds lightning support and people can send me sats whenever they like or boost my toots

I'm all for a good encore in a concert, but sometimes they feel more like a tease of "hahaha you thought we were leaving but we had a whole set of 5 songs and another guest so it wasn't anything unplanned" than a "let us do another two songs because they love us"

If I told my boss that I had an idea for a tech-related course for our homeschool board to offer, I would surely be given the opportunity to develop it. So I might actually have to brainstorm what I'd teach…

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Part of me wants to hang out with the friends’ preteen Minecraft-playing kids — who seem to be more interested in computers/logic/etc than their peers — and teach them the basics of the command line or something

I had totally forgotten how much I love molasses but I'm so glad I've now remembered it.

I shall forever put "AI" in quotation marks until it tells me not to

I (a Canadian) have seen three things about mac & cheese being part of (American) Thanksgiving dinner.

I don't recall it being part of Thanksgiving dinner with family in Oregon in my childhood.

Is this new? Has it always been the case? Is it a regional thing?

Drones distract us from the awesome things that can be done with kites.

This is HUGE !

Apple announces Self Service Repair
Apple parts, tools, and manuals — starting with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 — available to individual consumers

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