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Today the province announced that vaccination will be mandatory (or a paid-out-of-pocket test every 72 hours) for all "public servants" including teachers.

I wonder how that will pan out for people who work as "support staff" for said teachers. AKA me.

Explaining why I'm not vaccinated against COVID-19 — to people who really don't need to know, for that matter — has become so emotionally stressful.

Next time someone asks, I'm going to just say: "Because I don't want to."

I'll report back.

This is the most confusing crypto-adjacent idea I've seen yet

When nearly all the people I regularly communicate with want to talk about just one thing, it makes me very thankful for the twice weekly dose of sanity and entertainment that comes every Thursday. Even if half of the show is talking about that same thing.

Using "ain't" in its original form, as a contraction of "am not", is valid English

On the surface, farming schedules makes sense (thanks @ThatDude @BlueDouche @VeddyBadAng @Evenkeeld) but if that were the reason, wouldn't it make more sense for school to happen just in the winter and summer, allowing time off in the two busiest times?

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Why does the school year typically go from fall to spring? What's the history of that?

Currently looking for podcasting-related resources, specifically around the content side of things, to send to my boss.

Gotta love it when one of your interests gets added to your job description.

Met some other local non-covid-vaccinated people who are also measured and careful in their speech, not sounding like crazy nutjobs to their vaccinated friends, and it is _so_ refreshing.

If you're going to critique the opinions or beliefs of someone in an audible form, you should at least be able to pronounce their name correctly.

So do I, the one non-vaccinated person, spend the $40 for the private test so my birthday party (at an indoor climbing venue) can go as planned or just give up now and drink some beer at home?

If Linus had only launched his brainchild a week-and-a-bit later, we could have been birthday buddies.

The awkwardest part of Alberta's new rules is that it requires individuals to ask others of their vaccination status (in order to allow them into their home for a social gathering).

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