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My biggest worry about the combo of the government saying non-vaccinated people are “strongly encouraged” to avoid gatherings of >10 and IRL friends asking if I’m vaccinated is that the next step will be said friends having the debate if I should be invited to events, debating if they should break the “rules” or just not include me. Will they value my friendship over everything and else?

DO NOT quit your job over vaccine mandates. MAKE THEM FIRE YOU.

Looking for a new router.

reasonably-simple meshing to reduce dead zones

easy-to-use "parental control" to prevent certain devices from accessing the web at certain times

ability to broadcast multiple wifi SSIDs

Any suggestions?

Whelp, Alberta's "" really does mean "closed for fall". Mandatory indoor masking is back!

Basically the only project I saved from school 10 years ago

For my half of the 12 hour drive home last night, I listened to the BPITU and mused over why asking for karma on the show works.

Decided that, as a Christian, there’s nothing in our teachings that would conflict with me committing to pray for every person who asks for karma, so that is what I shall do.

Music is becoming less special and by making it less special, it can be less good

If you, as an employee, are not allowed to change a password for something, that's an instant security red flag that you should raise to your IT department.

I never thought I’d become a coffee snob but man Folgers is gross

If anyone wants a real conversation about homeschooling, I'm always willing to help guide you. Government schools are not the solution, and homeschooling is actually pretty awesome.

Homeschooling mom of 3 Shillings. Don't have it all figured out but I've certainly learned a lot.

“Homeschooling is vital to rescuing a culture that has gone mad.”

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