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Bringing a candle to the office was a bad idea.

Broke: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Woke: Communist Broadcasting Corporation

Bespoke: Pravda

Aren't tinyhomes just apartments with more space-conscious design, sans the apartment building? I don't get the appeal.

Camping for the sake of camping is such a weird concept, but it sure was nice to go without any connection to the outside world for 4 days.

The second-closest Catholic church to us has been burnt to the ground, and it's being investigated as arson.

Has anyone seen a comparison of the chance of a "bad" side effect of "the" shot vs the overall chance of a similarly bad effect from getting the rona?

Of all the electronics I own, not counting the things used to make money because that would skew the numbers, I think my e-reader might have the best net cost:benefit ratio.

Twenty Thousand Hertz is an outstanding podcast and it would be hard to pick one must-listen episode, but this might just be that one

I always feel bad tooting while The Show is live and not listening live

McAfee poll

Whoever had the idea to be able to filter and show just "special" episodes of No Agenda, thank you.

Wife is starting to talk about getting a desktop computer for the kids... can anyone think of a downside to the Raspberry Pi 400?

We pray for the repose of his soul.

US tycoon McAfee found dead in Spanish prison

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