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Soft drinks/soda/pop/whatever-your-weird-niche-culture-calls-them are the reductio ad absurdum of beverages

When did it become looked down upon to use a question mark mid-sentence?

Personal life update for you stalkers: pivoting from doing primarily web stuff as a freelancer to being just some dude named Ben

What is the oldest piece of "tech" you regularly use?

I'm on the ball with the current event humour and I won't apologise.

Not sure what I was thinking saying I could edit some French audio... at least I also have the English version to compare to and almost understand what's going on

The industrial revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race

Where does advertising a product as an “ebook” but only delivering a .pdf file sit on the honesty in marketing scale?

Potentially creepy location-tracking aside, I miss Foursquare's gamification of repeat attendance of locations

While I have no issues with using the phrase "devil's advocate" while discussing topics pertaining to religion, you (yes, you) don't need to point it out and make a joke of it every single time.

I pride myself on being able to open the dryer, throw in a wet item that was missed, and close the door again before the open door triggers it to shut off

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