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Every time I think about summers in Alberta's farmland, it reminds me that my dream car is basically anything that would be able to drive between the spindly legs of the crop sprayers driving down the highway.

A good alarm clock not only wakes you up and gets you out of bed to turn it off, but provides a reason to not crawl back in.

Another reason centralised social networking is doomed to fail.

Parler CEO Fired By 'Rebekah-Mercer-Controlled Board'

I recently bought a store-brand gift box of chocolates that were obviously a copy of a known brand-name product, and I'd argue that they were just as good. The graphic design on the box, however, made it look like cheap garbage!

If they could just make it look nice, they'd actually be able to compete with the fancy product instead of having to be 50% off the sticker price.

Buy my friend's house and you will not only get to live down the street from me but also free me from my commitment to shovel their walk until it sells.

@adam were you a guest on a podcast "recently" sharing about hearing loss and how you're adapting or am I misremembering?

Cuisine-based cultural appropriation is the best kind

One day, the anthem singer at the inauguration is going to be some person who got famous thanks to YouTube and it will be great

One of the kings of libertarian memedom has got his tweeter account suspended

I would love to see statistics on how often people click the skip intro button on streaming services

In many jurisdictions, Catholics have been required to wear a mask when going up to receive Communion for a while now.

How do you feel about this whether or not you are currently required to wear a mask?

Go podcasting!

Pocket Casts is up for sale nearly three years after acquisition by public radio consortium

TFW someone announces that they have "launched" a podcast but then you can't find it in any podcast directory or find a link to an RSS feed, but it's on Spotify. That doesn't count!

How much do I have to pay my therapist to not send emails like this?

This looks like a great program for those who want to stop looking at porn.
Just putting that out there.

I feel like sending scammy emails targeting web/app developers (for outsourcing to India) is not the greatest target.

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